The Best Time to Get a Puppy: Your Impawsible Questions Answered

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Adding a furry friend to the family is one of life’s most exciting experiences. A new puppy can bring joy, happiness, and a years-long companionship. Whether you are looking for family-friendly lab puppies for sale or considering a guard dog, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before making this significant commitment. Here are all the essential components to establish whether you’re ready to raise a puppy.

How much sunlight does your breed need?

Sunlight is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Ample sunlight will boost your dog’s mood and facilitate better exercise. More sun means more outdoor activities, walks, and park playtime.

The best seasons for adding a puppy to the family are summer or spring. The warmer times of the year will ensure a smooth transition for your puppy into the house.

On the other hand, winter and fall will be more challenging for breeds that shy away from cold temperatures. When it is cooler outside, it will also be challenging to train the dog in-house.

Your current lifestyle 

Life can be crazy, but it will get even crazier when you bring a four-legged friend into the family. Every minute is worth it, but the extra chunk of time is something you need to consider. How will a puppy fit into your current lifestyle and schedule?

Puppies require a lot of friendship, play, and exercise. Don’t forget about potty training and having to clean your carpets in the early days. Therefore, you need to build your schedule around the new family member. There are three main things to consider when it comes to lifestyle:

  • Your work and play schedule – will you be able to budget chunks of time to ensure your puppy lives a healthy life?
  • Season – does your work or lifestyle get busier during certain times of the year?
  • Puppy’s exercise demand – what is your furry friend’s temperament?

Single or married

A puppy can be the perfect best friend if you are a single person. However, you should think hard about whether you have the flexibility or budget to raise a puppy independently. Exercise and training will take countless hours and patience. You will also need to budget funds for food, toys, training materials, and veterinarian visits.

For married couples, a puppy can help build teamwork skills. Each of you may need to sacrifice time and energy to raise the puppy, but it can be satisfying to grow the family. When you consider adopting a puppy, you should think about how it will fit into your schedule. You may need to outline the specific activities or things you need to give up.

How do I make space for my new puppy?

In addition to adjusting your daily schedule, you will also need to optimize your living space for the new puppy. It starts with stocking the pantry with nutritious foods and treats for training. 

Ultimately, you want your puppy to be comfortable, so be sure to incorporate some snuggly items like old t-shirts, blankets, or furry clothing. Leave a few dog-safe chew toys for your pup and create a dedicated potty training area. Also, consider baby or pet gates to control your puppy when you’re not at home.

Wrap up

Raising a new puppy is a worthwhile experience that will teach you many leadership lessons. Before bringing the new family on, there are critical questions you must ask. It is essential to think through the pros and cons of each so that you can make an educated choice that benefits both you and the puppy.

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