Butterfly Tattoos – What They Represent

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Tattoos come in many styles and artistic approaches. No matter what your preference in art, you can find a tattoo style to fit your particular taste. Tattoos can range from photo-realistic to abstract and many tattoo designs have animals as part of the overall picture. One of the more popular design motifs in tattoos and body art is KW butterfly tattoos. Butterflies have been a part of the arts as a whole for centuries and carry a great deal of meaning for many people. There are many reasons to get a butterfly tattoo, as butterflies in art can have an assortment of deeper meanings.

What Butterfly Tattoos Can Represent

  • Freedom: butterflies are commonly observed in flight during the bright and warm parts of the year. For you, a butterfly may represent freedom and the bright future ahead. Hope for the future and dreams coming true are other aspects of freedom that a butterfly tattoo can represent.  
  • Beauty and Grace: many species of butterfly have vibrant and striking colors, making them lovely to look at. In addition, butterflies are graceful in flight, which adds to the beauty butterflies represent. You may want to get a colorful butterfly tattoo simply because of the beauty they represent.
  • Spiritualism: in Greek mythology, the goddess of the soul Psyche is associated with butterfly wings. This association with ancient legend has led many taboo owners to get butterfly tattoos to represent the spirit and matters of the soul. The transformation butterflies undergo is also associated with rebirth in many belief systems. 
  • Transformation: a butterfly starts its life as a caterpillar and emerges from a chrysalis as a butterfly. Because of this unique lifecycle, butterflies have long been associated with change and transformation. You may want to get a butterfly tattoo at a point in your life of great change, transformation, or rebirth. These changes can be physical, spiritual, professional, relationship-related, or other drastic changes in how you approach your life.
  • Remembering: butterflies due to their association with change and their short lifespans, are often used as symbols of remembrance. This can be for people, places, relationships, or periods in your life. Something brief and beautiful can have a notable impact on your life and, even if it wasn’t forever, it can be something you want to remember.
  • Femininity: butterfly tattoos are traditionally associated with femininity. This has made them a very popular tattoo choice for women. That being said some men do get butterfly tattoos, and it is not entirely uncommon.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a tattoo style, you won’t lack options. Some tattoos are small and others take up larger amounts of your skin. Some are simple while others are highly complex. Some tattoos use hard-line while others are more watercolor in their overall style. No matter the style, every tattoo can be striking and, above all, holds a great deal of meaning. The most important part of selecting a tattoo is that it means something important to you. This also extends to butterfly tattoos, as you can get a single butterfly or several across a larger picture. No matter what you’re looking for, a talented tattoo artist can help you create something you’ll be proud to have on your body

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