Threaded Insert Applications for Different Industries: What To Know

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Did you know that threader inserts were first used in aviation in the 1930s? Since then, their versatility and their varied materials have made them standard in many industries.

But what is a threaded insert and what use can it have across the various industries?

Let us take a look at how this small part can play a big role.

What is a Threaded Insert?

A threaded insert is a fastener that you add to an object to create a hole. In this hole, you can insert a bolt or a dead fastener. The insert is fitted or molded into the object, though it is usually made of a different material than the actual object.

Its special design holds fast in thin or soft materials, adding the kind of security you cannot get with other fasteners.

For objects or parts that need to be disassembled and reassembled many times, a threaded insert can be the safest choice.

What Uses Does it Have?

Picking up a threaded insert guide, you can see these parts have many different uses across various industries. Let us take a closer look at how they can affect the function of cars, airplanes, and more.


In boats made of wood or fiberglass, threaded inserts help secure the hull and the trim. These tend to be coated steel or brass threaded inserts, which work best since they do not corrode.

Brass threaded inserts work both on the inside and outside of the boat. They can be excellent for buoys, as well.


Since their first use was to secure deicers to plane wings, threaded inserts have a long history with the aviation industry.

With the need to make air crafts of all kinds lighter, they are built with materials like plastic, composite glass, and carbon fiber. Threaded inserts for plastic create a lasting hold that will not allow the plastic to thread apart with use.


Throughout the entire body of the car, you can find threaded inserts. Wellnuts are one example. Wellnuts are a kind of threaded insert that limit vibrations, making them an essential part of a car’s construction.

Other threaded inserts can secure plastic and metal parts together. They work well in exhaust systems and in engine cylinder head repair.

Household Appliances

Threaded inserts can secure circuit board controls or they can easily secure plastic covers. Many appliances are made of thin metal and the best threaded inserts for metal tend to be made of carbon steel or stainless steel, which can offer the ability to assemble and disassemble for repairs or maintenance.


Threaded plastic inserts work perfectly for telecommunications because they are non-conductive. They help on the ground, offering security in telephone lines, as well as in orbit.

Choose the Best Fastener

A threaded insert can be the best fastener for plastic, metal, and even wood.

If you would like to learn about other manufacturing parts you may never have heard of, check out our Technology section.

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