6 Tips for Preventing Work Burnout

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Reaching the top of the ladder of success requires focus, determination, and effort. Then again, what can you gain if you work to the point of burning out? Workplace burnout is not just normal in any organization. It’s a health hazard that destroys morale and keeps an employee from reaching their true potential.

While not classified as a medical condition, the World Health Organization has included workplace burnout as an occupational phenomenon in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Described as a result of chronic workplace stress, burnout has become a major issue that modern organizations have been looking to address.

The long-term effects of burnout

Burnout may occur in the short term, but frequent occurrences can result in long-term health and psychological effects. In any case, these are things employers and employees themselves must not overlook.

Unproductivity and job dissatisfaction are only the start of it. Over time,  constant burnout can also cause relationship rifts and even addiction symptoms. Severe cases may also result in clinical depression, social detachment, and a decreased immune system.

It’s important for today’s workers and their employers to take the right steps in addressing burnout before it gets worse over time. Here are a few tips you might want to check out:

1. Make changes to the office space

The first thing you will need to change is the workplace environment. Is the facility too crowded? Are employees working in individual cubicles? Does the entire office space give off an uninspiring vibe? Creating a climate that doesn’t make employees feel constrained helps reduce the onset of burnout.

Take a tour around the facility and see what improvements are worth exploring. You can introduce more natural light during the day and allow employees to collaborate. To promote a more relaxed atmosphere, consider changing office equipment with ergonomic options.

2. Assess your workload

Do you have too much on your plate already? You may need to reduce your workload by delegating low priority tasks to another person.

Burnout is often the result of taking in too much work and trying to accomplish everything within a certain period. Check your workload and see how much you can actually do with the time you have.

In any case, your priorities should be at the top of the list. Consider crossing them off your list first before you proceed to lower-level tasks. Don’t assume you can’t finish everything all at once.

3. Take time to unwind

This seems the most basic thing to do when you have been busy for too long, but many of us tend to get in the zone and forget the need to cool down.

The best way to make sure you get ample rest is by pacing yourself. For this, you can use the Pomodoro method for this. Simply set a timer for 25-minutes of hard and focused work. When the time is up, take a short break of up to five minutes.

With the Pomodoro method, you can accomplish any task without losing too much energy. When you have accomplished everything, reward yourself by going on a vacation. Take time for relaxation so that your mind is renewed for the next battle.

4. Lead a healthy lifestyle

For the most part, your lifestyle has a direct impact on how likely you are to experience burnout. Bad eating habits and lack of physical activity can only worsen the effects of burnout. If you want to overcome burnout, start by prioritizing your health.

Consider cutting down on sugar and fatty food and opt for food rich in antioxidants. You should also get rid of nicotine and regulate your caffeine intake. Exercise is also crucial, so consider doing laps around the neighborhood or getting a gym membership.

5. Never sacrifice sleep

No matter how heavy the workload, it shouldn’t be an excuse to lose sleep. All-nighters and overtime work will only worsen the effects of burnout. They also decrease your immune system and make it harder for you to concentrate on the next day’s assignments. For these reasons, make sure to get ample sleep and don’t force yourself to stay up just to get things done.

6. Prioritize self-care

At the end of the day, burnout can be solved by being mindful of your needs. Success is certain, but you wouldn’t want to reach the finish line with a broken spirit. Take care of yourself and you’ll get there eventually.

Don’t let burnout drag you down. Keep these tips in mind and work towards a clearer mindset.

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