Most Common Excuses For Not Learning New Languages

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Almost everyone has enough ability to learn at least one foreign language. You don’t need to be particularly gifted for this. Learning another language is absolutely natural for a person. In our age of information development, we no longer live in either linguistic or cultural isolation. The opportunity to get acquainted with foreign languages has become more real than ever before. So why hasn’t the number of foreign language learners increased recently? Often people use the following excuses not to learn the language. But how much do they really justify?

  1. I am not interested in languages and do not need them. What if you could study for free and effortlessly? Most likely the answer is “Yes”. Most people who say they don’t need a foreign language would actually like to be able to communicate in it. Many of them have heard about the benefits of language learning for the development of mental abilities. But all they think about is long and dull work. They have never spoken in a foreign language, so they do not know how much pleasure it can bring. For these people, the most important task would be to start and see their achievements, and then they would happily continue learning the language.
  2. I would like to study, but I still won’t start. The goal of language learning is to speak fluently. This is a very distant goal, it seems that it will take a huge amount of time and effort to achieve it. But don’t despair. To start learning a language, set yourself a different goal. For example, you can plan a trip to another country. If you can’t afford it, promise yourself that you will read your favorite book in the original, or surprise someone from your family or acquaintance with your knowledge. If you take the first step, which is motivated by another goal, you will soon realize how fun and enjoyable it is to learn a language.
  3. I already tried to learn the language, but didn’t succeed. Most often, the first experience of learning a foreign language happens at school. You have to memorize difficult words, learn stupid rules, and do incomprehensible exercises. And your parents demand good academic performance from you. As a result, a negative attitude develops towards the subject, which is very difficult to change at an older age. But now you don’t have to report to anyone. You will go to learn the language for yourself, for your own pleasure. In the course, no one will scold you for not completing the lesson.
    However, you are unlikely to have this question, because it will be interesting for you to study, and you yourself will want to do your homework. If you still have a dislike for classrooms, start with a tutor. He will create an individual program for you, taking into account your wishes. Or you can try to turn your mobile device into your personal tutor by installing language learning apps. According to ComboApp higher education marketing agency, there are more than 500,000 educational apps on the App Store and Google Play so you will easily find something affordable for yourself.
  4. I lack the self-discipline to learn on my own. Then be sure to study with a teacher. Now there is even an opportunity to study remotely with a tutor via Skype and other means of communication. Remember, you don’t need to practice with a personal tutor every day. Meet him or her once or twice a week. This will be enough to not forget the past and keep progress.
  5. I cannot afford to study a language financially. If you take courses, you will have to pay monthly tuition fees and most likely purchase the necessary study materials. In principle, it is not that expensive, but some cannot afford it either. But if you start learning a language on your own, then the only thing you have to spend money on is access to the Internet. If you are reading this article, then you already pay for it and can afford it. The problem of self-study can only be a lack of self-discipline and motivation.

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