5 Office Ergonomic Tips to Stay Productive

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76% of working Americans report feeling exhausted at work.

Many of us know fatigue all too well. This means we also know the results of being exhausted at work. We have the mental clouding, moments of spacing out, and the urge to constantly drink more coffee.

All of these things cause our quality of work to decline, and it may even start alarming our boss. Luckily there are tricks to try in order to be more awake and productive at work.

Below are 5 office ergonomic tips to read and try out the next time you’re in the office. Trust us, it’ll make a difference.

1. Schedule Small Breaks

Sometimes the last thing you want to do when you’re exhausted is to stand up and move around. However, scheduling small breaks to move around is one of the best productivity tips.

Getting the blood flowing a bit and giving yourself a mental break will work wonders in your daily office routine. Your breaks don’t have to draw attention from others. It can be as simple as getting up, taking the stairs to the bottom floor, and walking back up to your desk.

2. Look Away Sometimes

Looking at a screen for too long can start to strain your eyes. This causes headaches and feelings of fatigue.

Every 20 to 30 minutes, look away at something 20 feet away from you. Sing the happy birthday song to yourself as your look, and return to your work once the song is over.

Also, no, looking at your phone doesn’t count.

3. Sit Straight

Sitting up straight will take the strain off your neck and back. It’s alarming how much we slouch in the day.

Strengthen your back and core muscles with different ab workouts, and be amazed by the difference it makes. You can even do a quick yoga routine in the mornings before work to build strength.

4. Keep Distance

When setting up a home office right now, one of the best working from home tips is setting your computer monitor at least an arm’s length away from where you sit.

Being close to our computer and phone screens all the time is damaging.

5. Don’t Bend Your Neck

If your job requires talking on the phone a lot, do your best to hold the phone to your ear without bending your neck. Bending your neck to hold the phone between your neck and shoulder creates neck strain.

Take some time to roll your neck back and forth after phone calls to stretch it out.

We’re sure you’re looking for tips even as you stretch so don’t forget to look away from the screen to give your neck and eyes a break.

Improve Your Work Days With These Office Ergonomic Tips

Incorporating these office ergonomic tips into your workdays will improve your overall mood and reduce body strain and fatigue. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

Make sure to sit up straight, and give yourself small breaks. Do some neck and back stretches throughout the day to stay feeling good.

Check out the rest of our site for more awesome tips on things like health and DIY projects.

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