5 Industries Embracing eCommerce

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It’s no secret that eCommerce is continually growing with every year that passes. The digital world is already a hub of shopping and transactions, meaning more and more industries are turning their attention to the internet. Ordering online is easier, quicker and more convenient for consumers, while businesses benefit from fewer overheads. Here are just 5 industries that are benefitting from this eCommerce boom.

Electronic Components

The ecommerce market place for electronic parts is becoming more and more popular, despite some businesses having quality concerns. Ordering electronic components online allows you to access a much wider range of products than is possible in-store, especially for those who don’t have suppliers in their local areas. However, while there are many legitimate businesses setting up websites, there are lots of companies selling components that don’t meet safety regulations. These fake or imitation products may put some people off ordering online, but a bit of careful research can ensure you’re only buying from reputable, trustworthy sources (like sourcengine.com).


From laptops to tablets, technology has exploded online. This is to be expected, as any self-respecting tech company will pride itself on its professional web presence. Ordering tech online also makes it easier to compare models and find in-depth information about your chosen device. This has also seen the rise in tech review blogs and YouTube channels, allowing enthusiasts and amateurs alike to discuss preferences.


From influencers to free delivery, fashion has made its mark on the online world. With many brands offering free returns, online clothing shops pose a very real threat to the high street, as consumers can try on their clothes and send them back free of charge. Fashion is also making the most of emerging VR technology, allowing customers to virtually try on pieces as well.

Fashion is probably one of the most notable industries using influencer marketing. Bloggers, social media stars and live streamers are partnering with brands to promote and sell new lines. It seems that eCommerce has taken both buying and modelling clothes into a whole new realm.


Streaming services have transformed the entertainment industry, taking listening to music and watching films further and further into the digital sphere. Even traditional TV channels are increasingly offering on-demand services to allow viewers to enjoy programmes on laptops and phones after they’ve been aired.


While supermarkets have been offering online deliveries for quite some time, there has been a significant rise in subscription services delivering fresh food straight to your door. This could come in the form of an organic vegetable box or a weekly meal plan prepared for you. These services are all available with the click of a button, which is much more convenient than shopping in person.

The Future of eCommerce

It’s undoubtable that industries will continue to turn towards eCommerce wherever possible. With developments in AI and VR, even more interactive businesses will be able to deliver high-quality user experiences from the other side of a screen.

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