How to Remove DIY Lash Extensions at Home?

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Eyelashes add serene beauty to every face, making the eyes look prettier than ever. Women with small and downturned eyes find thick lash extensions helpful to open up their eyes beautifully. Artificial lashes get fixed in the salon, and DIY extensions are self-fixed in front of the mirror within 15 to 20 minutes. 

Removing these lashes is an entirely different matter, and you should do it with great care. DIY lashes are often made of synthetic or faux material, making their removal after a particular time necessary. We list all the easy tips you must follow to remove the DIY extensions easily and effortlessly. 

Clean the eyes

The first step in removing quality DIY eyelash extensions is cleaning the eye area carefully to eliminate makeup, sweat, and dirt. Professional lash technicians often recommend you avoid oil-based cleansers near your artificial lashes. The oil will highly weaken the bond between the adhesive and the lashes, making them come out quickly. 

Using an oil-based extension is highly recommended if you want to remove them without much effort. A lash-friendly, oil-based makeup remover gets rids of the makeup and dirt in one swipe. Use a warm washcloth or cotton swab to wipe away the remover residue, and apply coconut oil or castor oil on eyelashes and lids. 

DIY lashes often come out after the recommended time after five days or a week, and these steps should ensure you remove them without picking hard on them. You can also remove other famous DIY brand extensions like Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lashes, Lankiz extensions, and Eneda Volume Eyelashes, Lilac St’s extensions using the same method. 

Keep accessories ready

It is better to keep all the accessories necessary to remove the lashes before proceeding with the process. Cover the face with a mask to prevent the strands from entering your mouth or nose and causing unwanted sneezes. 

Select glycol-based cleaning products that dissolve the glue bond with the skin quickly. Keep eye pads, cotton balls dipped in warm water, and the tissues ready to wipe away falling lashes and tearing eyes. 

Remove carefully 

Gently wipe the lashes out without pulling them, and don’t worry about the one or two adamant stripes refusing to budge. They will probably fall off in a day or two by themselves, and you need not be rough damaging the eye follicles. 

Oil: Apply castor oil on the eyelid area when you sleep and wash your face with warm water in the morning. Use a cotton ball to rub the eyelashes gently to make the DIY lashes come out quickly. The adhesive bond will weaken after a week considerably, and these steps are enough to remove them. 

Mascara: Use mascara to coat the lids if one or two lashes are left out to give an even look. Most mascaras have wax in them, and using them regularly should make the artificial lashes fall out in a day or two. 

Sometimes, lash extensions from one side come out easily, and the ones on the other side refuse to budge, giving you an odd look. Use a high-volume mascara to make up for the thin side for a couple of days until the other side lashes fall out. 

Timing: It is always advisable to remove the DIY lash extensions and rest the eyes with the natural lashes for at least a day before trying a new set. Removing the lashes on Friday night and reapplying on Sunday night after a 48-hour gap is advisable. Removing the lashes should take no more than 5 to 7 minutes, and never try more than that to remove the stubborn lashes. 

They will probably fall off by morning if you sleep with castor oil applied to the eyelashes using a spoolie brush or a cotton earbud. You can also use coconut oil or vegetable oil for lash removal as any oil will weaken the glue and skin bond, making the artificial lashes fall out easily by morning. 

Always remember, heat, moisture, and oil are the three main enemies of false lash extensions, and they come out quickly if you use them more. Never rub on the eyes and be as gentle as you can with your eyelashes to prevent them from breaking down. 

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