3 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your House Warm

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When the sun goes down and the weather starts to change, keeping the home at a comfortable temperature throughout the colder times of the year is important to maintaining the warm and welcoming mood of the space. Unfortunately keeping it warm and cozy can come at a massive cost.

Finding new ways to keep your home warm while not breaking the bank can be tricky between balancing finances and comfort. Doing complex renovations or installing expensive new appliances can easily break the bank and be a massive headache to deal with.

Luckily there are a few simple and inexpensive ways to keep your house warm when things get chilly inside and out!

Keep the cold out

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the first and cheapest step to cutting costs on heating the home is to seal up your space and keep out the draft. There are a variety of simple and inexpensive ways to keep the cold out and lower your heating bill!

The most obvious offenders in the home are windows and doors. Check the door and window frames for cracks or larger spaces where cold air could seep in and warm air sneak out. Chalk, rubber inserts, and covers such as drapes are easy and inexpensive ways to keep warmth in the home.

Floors are another major factor in heat seeping out of the house and while any major renovations on flooring may break the bank there are a few more affordable ways to keep things warm. Thoroughly check your floors for cracks and damage where cold air could be sneaking in, and make sure to do necessary repairs. Picking up a nice plush rug to cover hardwood and tile floors is a good way to get another layer of warmth in the home without tearing things up.

An often overlooked area of the home is the attic, and it can be a hotspot for unwanted drafts. Upgrading insulation and other structural components of the attic can be costly, but taking a good look around up there for obvious cracks and openings and sealing them up yourself is a great way to keep things warm inside.

Starting small with simple repairs and tricks for keeping cold air out and hot air in is a great way to find inexpensive ways to keep your house warm!

Take advantage of the space

One of the core concepts of interior design is taking advantage of the space in your home, and this pillar of design is useful for finding inexpensive and simple ways to cut the cost of keeping the home cozy.

To keep the whole house and all of the rooms nice and toasty, it is important to make sure that hot air can move freely through the space. Taking a walk through the home, make note of where all the vents and other heating devices are located and if they are being blocked by furniture or other objects. Move things around in the rooms to get the perfect balance of space so air can move freely and heat the house.

As well as moving furniture around to make way for the hot air to move freely, there are some hotspots in every room that you will want warmer than the others. Furniture like beds, couches, and other places you would be settling down to warm-up should be away from drafty doors and windows and close enough to vents to ensure a healthy supply of warm air, keeping you cozy while you relax.

Utilizing the space you already have to maximize the heat inside and keeping the cold outside is a perfect way to cut costs and keep your home warm and cozy!

Upgrade your tech

Technology in the home has made rapid advancements in the past decades and as the tech continues to grow in popularity and add more value to the home, a few appliances and fresh spins on old classics have made keeping the home warm and toasty much easier and cheaper!

Just about everyone has a thermostat and you can easily get stuck with a massive bill from running it all winter long. There are a few tech-savvy and money-saving tricks to keeping your cost down and maximizing the warmth from your thermostat.

You don’t have to crank the dial up into the high 80’s to be cozy in the home, so keeping the temperature in the low 70’s will still be comfortable for you as well as save you money.

Rapid cycling, when the heating system is turning on and off very fast in a short period,  is another major contributor to sky-high heating bills, so eliminating it is a necessary step to cutting costs. You can fix this problem by adjusting the difference in temperature that causes the heater to fire up in the cycle-rate adjustment. Adjusting this factor to a higher temperature will keep your heater from rapid cycling and save you money.

An easy way to wrap all the complicated functions of a thermostat into one is to upgrade to a programmable model. This allows you to program settings for different times of the day and year when you want to keep things warmer inside, and the technology will keep track of how long and how high the heat is on so you don’t break the bank!

One of the focal points of any home is a roaring fireplace, and there are a few ways to maximize the warmth while keeping a tighter grip on your wallet. When you don’t have a fire going, keep the flue of your chimney closed to keep cold air from coming in when it’s not in use.

If you want to cut down on burning logs and make sure unwanted drafts aren’t sneaking in when the fireplace is out, try an electric fireplace heater. There are a wide variety of inexpensive and effective models on the market and they serve the same purpose as a traditional fireplace without the extra hassle of burning logs and keeping it clean!

Making use of the technology you have as well as upgrading to newer models is another great way to cut costs when keeping your house warm!

Get to work

Finding ways to keep your home warm while cutting costs can be a hassle with all the different factors that are at play. Trying to handle repairs, redecorating, and upgrades can be a major hassle and leave you broke and chilly.

Luckily there are a few easy and inexpensive ways to keep your house warm!

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