Two best binge-worthy shows to watch in 2021 

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In the internet age, no Facebook content and no YouTube video can manage to hold people’s attention for long. The urge to ‘scroll down’ or ‘click next’ is so fierce that even the most appealing videos get left in the middle.

One would imagine that such an audience probably wouldn’t have the patience to watch an entire television series on Netflix. However, when the show is as gripping and entertaining as The Queen’s Gambit, then even the most distracted audience will get hooked to the screen.

1- The Queen’s Gambit 

What could be so interesting about watching two people sitting in front of a desk and thinking about their next chess move? Start watching The Queen’s Gambit and you wouldn’t have to ask this question again. And it is not even preposterous to claim that you would also want to buy your own chess-set like countless others after you finishing watching the show. Because the Scott Frank directed fictional miniseries is just that good.

Anya Taylor-Joy has portrayed the chess obsessive Beth Harmon whose parents died early and her only consolation now is the board game. The Argentine-British actress has done a stunning job playing the lead role in the miniseries and she deservedly received a lot of praises from the critics. While the direction and writing of Scott Frank are also exceptional and help to create an immersive experience for the audience.

Such a wonderful show was bound to be a big hit among the audiences but it would achieve such extra-ordinary levels of fame was a surprise for everyone. In just 28 days, the Scott Frank directed show was viewed by 62 million homes, making it the most-watched fictional miniseries in the history of Netflix. Since it came out in October, the online searches for Chess Move, Queen’s Gambit, and Sicilian Defence tremendously increased while the number of players on also went up.

2- The Crown 

We all want to know about history, but we are not ready to read thick, heavy books filled with jargon for knowing what really happened in the early 1800s. Many documentaries also fail to present famous historical events in an interesting manner and tend to over-analyze the subject matter. Therefore, knowing history this way feels more like work than an engaging or fun activity.

However, one should start watching The Crown and it wouldn’t feel like work at all and one would be hooked to the screen. The show chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the early 21st century and was first released in 2016. As a viewer, one gets to see the early life of the British Monarch on a more personal and vulnerable level. We come to realize how difficult running a nation is and we get to appreciate the courage and will of the queen.

The Peter Morgan created television series affected fashion and also created trends around the world. It hugely increased Google searches for Blue Suit, Bow Collar, and Turtleneck, while online searches for Princess Diana and Prince Charles also went up since the show was released. The Crown is also credited with influencing how the Britishers view the Royal Family today.

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