10 Reasons to Use Duct Rodder in Cable Television Industries

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Science and technology are always moving in a direction that will make human life easier as well as facilitating production. Technology is always supposed to serve people, but during overhaul or installation of a circuit; workers are always faced with threading work, which is troublesome, complicated and prone to errors. It is something which gave workers lots of problems until the duct rodder cable placing equipment was born.

Why You Should Use Duct Rodder in Cable Television Industries

Duct rodder, which is also known as fiberglass conduit rodder, is an exceptional cable pulling machine. When the surface is resilient and smooth, the piercing is easier and allows easy passing through narrow pipelines. Why should you use duct rodder in cable television industries? Here are ten reasons why.

1. Duct Rodders are Light Weight, Resistant to Corrosion, and Durable

When laying cables for cable television industries, you should go for a duct rodder that is resistant to factors such as corrosion due to acids or alkalis. Duct rodders are lightweight and also aging resistant. They are features that make them perfect to use in cable television industries as cable placing equipment.

2. Duct Rodders have High-Tensile Strength and Incredible Bending Properties

Duct rodder bending properties and high tensile strength make it capable of going through narrow pipes with ease. It is a good thing because if excessive force is put in use when laying the capable might damage those cables.

The core of the rod is manufactured through the Pultrusion process. It ensures that the duct rodder has high tensile strength because it is impregnated with uninterrupted glass fiber filaments and liquid resin. The Pultruded rod has the flexibility to handle sharp bends without any problem and high stiffness, which enables you to push the rod for great distances.

3. Duct Rodder has Wide Range of Temperature Adaptability

Different areas of the planet have different temperatures. There are areas where it can become extremely cold at night and extremely hot during the day. The duct rodder is designed in such a way that it will not brittle in cold weather or soften during hot weather. Therefore, the usability of this cable placing equipment is not affected by extreme temperatures. It is a feature which makes the duct rodders perfect and reliable in any environment.

4. Duct Rodders have Protective Outer Layer

The protective outer layer is made of high-density polyethylene engineering plastic. The material has an anti-UV capability. The polyethylene coating also acts as an electrical insulator. The coating is smooth, which makes it excellent when pulling cables through narrow pipes and resistant to corrosion due to elements such as water or acids. The outer coating also prolongs the period in which the duct rodder cable will be in use.

5. Meter Marks on the Surface

The meter marks on the surface of the protective layer of the duct rodder play a great role in measuring distance. The meter marks are printed with a professional printing machine. The advantage of using a professional printing machine is that the marks are made using strong adhesion, waterproof, clear writing, and anti-ultraviolet. Therefore, the meter marks are still clear even after using the duct rodder many times.

6. Availability in Different Colors

You might not think that the availability of duct rodders in different colors is a big issue, but it is. It is important to choose a duct rodder according to the environment where it will be used. In most cases, the duct rodder lays cables in underground tunnels.

It is crucial that when you are operating the duct rodder, the cable is visible even in the tunnels. That is why the choice of color is important. Most of them have luminous colors, which makes them quite visible in the darkness.

7. Duct Rodder is Mounted on a High quality Steel Frame

The steel frame on which the duct rodder is mounted on is durable and sturdy. It also has a proper structure and good capacity to resist compression. It makes it capable of maintaining its shape under 8KN pressure. Duct rodders come in three sizes; there is the 6 mm (1/4 inch), 10 mm (3/8 inch) and 13 mm (1/2).

The largest frames feature EZ-Tip feature, which is a larger footprint meant to increase stability. The smallest frames have the feed out inbuilt on the handle. It is possible to lie each of those frames on either side. All of those new design frame features make the duct rodder friendly when using it as well as making it more efficient while in use.

8. Duct Rodders are Equipped with Braking Device

The braking device is installed on the device to make the process of stopping or rotating the cable reel easy by just flipping the handle. The braking system is meant to give you better control over the duct rodder. It is an important feature because it gives you better control, therefore, avoiding errors which might occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

9. Tilting Type Handle

Tilting type handle is an important feature because it is convenient for you when you want to pull or push the frame. Whenever you need to move the frame, you only need to hold the holder and step on the assistant support bracket on the bottom of the frame. It gives you the position you need to move the frame around the construction site without using excess strength. The wheels located at the front of the frame make it easy to move around the site.

10. Ring and Roller

On the bottom side and top side of the frame, there is a ring and a roller respectively. The purpose of the ring and roller is to allow the duct rodder to go through while at the same time protecting it from abrasion or scratches.  There is also a rain-proof cover on the outside of the frame, which aids in protecting the duct rodder during storage.

Duct rodder is a cable placing equipment which has many advantages. It saves time, improves efficiency and saves costs of labor. It is excellent for use by cable television industries, telecommunication companies as well as cleaning pipes. With its many advantages such as easy maintenance, high tensile strength as well as durability and anti-aging features, it is a perfect cable pulling equipment.

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