What Are Electric Blinds And What Benefits Do They Have?

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For those not in the know, electric blinds are just like a normal every day set of blinds but rather than being controlled by a chain or a crank, the blind is controlled by an electronic motor that is built into the blind itself. With this electric motor, you can adjust the electric blind by using a remote control or (if you have a smart home compatible blind) use your smart speaker to control the blind.

As you would assume, the cost of these electric blinds are a bit more costly than your every day set of blinds, so are they really worth the additional cost? We say, yes, while they are notably more expensive, they quickly earn back their cost in utility, so let’s get into why electric blinds are worth it!

1. Ease Of Use

Anyone who has even used a set of office blinds can tell you that trying to use a blind can be a tricky affair sometimes. But having a set of electric blinds removes the fiddly nature of trying to open/close blinds with a chain, Rather than pulling and angling a chain mechanism, the movement of the blind is controlled with a handy little remote that comes with your blinds.

Furthermore, you can even programme the blinds to automatically adjust based on the time, meaning that you can set the blinds to allow just the right amount of light into your home all day long and even programme them to help wake you in the morning by opening your blinds.

All of this also means that these blinds are perfect for the elderly and people with mobility issues as you can control the blinds in your home without ever needing to get out of your sofa!

2. Clean Power

As people become more conscious about the environment, so does technology. When looking for electric blinds, you’ll find that lots of them will come with a small solar panel to keep the blinds charged at all times.

So, if you’re actively trying to live an eco-friendly life and keep your impact on the environment small, these electric blinds may be an excellent starting point for you to start using devices that run off of the power of renewable energy.

3. Style

Much like normal blinds, you’ll notice that electric blinds are rather stylish and benefit from then not having a chain to operate them, as this creates a cleaner, more futuristic look in your home. As well as that, the fabric used on these electric blinds can be found in a wide range of patterns and colours, meaning that no matter how you’ve styled your room, there’s a blind for you!

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