What Warranty Should I Get For My Metal Entrance Door?

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The warranty for front doors is what any customer of a door manufacturing company gets by default. Why do I have to demand a guarantee?

  • The warranty confirms the quality of the metal front door, i.e., no factory defect, as well as visible defects and damages to the leaf, structure, lock and fittings.
  • The warranty provides for free repair or replacement of a door at the service like 24hr sliding door repair that has been damaged or rendered unusable solely through the fault of the seller or the manufacturer.
  • The warranty protects the buyer’s rights in case of force majeure and allows for a refund of the door if any defects are found at the time of delivery, installation and warranty period.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on?

Ideally, when buying a metal front door under an order, the customer can get the following types of guarantees:

  • Warranty on the doors themselves for 2 years or more from the moment of installation. Manufacturers also offer a free warranty on their own manufactured front doors for 1-2 years after purchase.
  • Warranty on the lock and fittings. Warranty for door fittings is from 6 months to 2 years depending on the manufacturer.
  • Warranty on installation of entrance doors for 5 years, if the work is carried out by fitters of the company. The customer does not have to look for and pay for a contractor for installation, plus you can get several years free service.
  • Cooperating with a company that provides guarantees for both the entrance doors themselves and their components, as well as for the works, there is no doubt that the new doors will last a long time and they will not have to be changed or repaired every couple of years.

In order to learn more about all warranty obligations provided by the seller or manufacturer of door constructions, it is necessary to study the technical passport of the product and the contract – all points will be detailed in these documents.

When is no warranty service provided?

You will not be able to repair or replace your metal front door free of charge in the following cases:

  • The door was used in violation of the rules of operation, which resulted in minor or serious damage. To prevent this from happening, you should study the technical data sheet immediately after installing the door and remember the rules of safe usage.
  • The door has been attempted to be repaired by unqualified personnel or unsuitable tools and fittings have been used during the repair. In such cases, free warranty service is impossible – you will have to restore the door and pay for it.
  • The established warranty period does not apply to the doors, if they were damaged by force majeure, careless action of the customer or third parties, as well as after the subsidence of the foundation of the house, breaking in, fire and flooding.
  • The doors are damaged due to foreign objects, substances, insects, liquids, etc. that have got inside the lock or the canvas, as well as in case if there is no strong canopy or canopy when installing the entrance door from the street into the house or building.
  • Entrance doors are out of order and have lost their aesthetic appearance due to natural wear and tear of coatings (change of color under the influence of the sun, etc.), door leaf, lock and fittings (loosening and other defects).
  • color selection

And in general, any problems with metal entrance doors can be quickly eliminated if you call the company that sold and installed the door immediately upon detection of the defect. Specialists of Guru Restoration Inc check the date of purchase and, if the case is under warranty, quickly and free of charge repair the damage.

The warranty period on the door is an important point that the customer should always consider when purchasing and installing the selected door structure. These points should be specified not only when placing an order, but also when studying the technical passport of the door and the contract.

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