Forget the Showroom: 4 Reasons to Buy Your Next Mattress Online

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Are you looking for a good night’s sleep – every night? Choosing the perfect mattress for you is a difficult task on its own.
Innerspring? Memory foam? Firm? Soft? Traditional mattress and bed stores often struggle to find the right balance too; there are only so many mattresses that can be displayed in a small shop.

As such, many consumers are looking to the internet for help with their purchase, and with this in mind, many more mattress companies have begun to operate using an online-only model.

Today, we’re going to look at a few different benefits that you can take advantage of when buying a mattress online:

1) You often benefit from a better price – using an online-only model, companies do not have to pay for expensive leases in shopping malls or complexes; instead using an out-of-town location, which is naturally cheaper.
This saving can be worked into the cost of each mattress, resulting in better prices for you as a consumer!

2) Extensive trial periods – with the boom of buying mattresses online came a new need for customers; how can consumers check their comfort, suitability and sleep when buying a mattress, if they aren’t able to touch, see or feel it?
Naturally, businesses had to find solutions – the primary one being an extensive at-home trial period.

Most online-only companies now offer trial periods up to 3 months, allowing you to spend time doing what’s most natural with a mattress – sleeping, and seeing if it’s right for you! In most cases, the company will even collect the mattress at the end of the trial period.

3) A better selection of products – as discussed earlier, when purchasing offline, companies often have limited space in which to showcase mattresses. This often leads to 6-10 of the best-selling, or most profitable, mattresses being on display.

As consumers, we have individual needs; you may need something a little bit unique, which isn’t on the shop floor. Thankfully, there are no limits in online stores, allowing you the freedom to check all options.

4) Less sales pressure – when buying online, you are free to make an informed decision without being swayed by dirty sales tactics or smooth talk. You can take time in choosing the right mattress without worrying about the salesperson’s efforts to sell!

Some people wrongly believe buying a mattress online has pitfalls and disadvantages, but if you’re looking for lower prices, better trial periods, an expanse of products to choose from, and less sales pressure, buying online is likely perfect for you!

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