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Ryan’s World Net Worth – World’s Richest YouTuber

Ryan’s world is a YouTube channel for a nine-year-old kid. Ryan Kaji, the boy behind the channel is the world’s richest and highest earner YouTuber for the past two to three years. For the past few years, he earns more than $25 million per year from YouTube alone. Now that is a number many people cannot believe. So, how much is Ryan’s World wealth?

Well, through different YouTube channels, Ryan earns millions. And as of October 2020, Ryan’s World fortune is more than $30 million. He produces content of him playing with toys and reviewing them. Just to be clear, the nine-year old kid doesn’t upload the videos. His parents do that for him. They manage the channel.


Name:Ryan ToysReview (Ryan Kaji, Loann Kaji,Shion Kaji, Emma and Kate Kaji)
Created:March 17, 2015
Net Worth:$30 million
Occupation:American YouTube channel

The channel features Ryan Kaji, his mother Loann, father Shion, and twin sisters Emma and Kate. They release a new video every day. One of the most popular videos is the Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge. As of October 2020, the video amassed more than 2 billion views. It is one of the 60 most viewed videos on YouTube ever.

The channel Ryan’s World has more than 25 million subscribers. So far, it amassed more than 30 billion views, making it one of YouTube’s top 100 channels in the United States. The Verge describes the channel as a “mash-up of personal vlog and unboxing videos, a blend of innocent childhood antics and relentless, overwhelming consumerism”.

Kaji even has his own product line at Walmart. He also released his branded toothbrushes and toothpaste. Fans can watch the channel in Spanish and Japanese.

Career Journey and Path

How did Ryan Kaji get to the title World’s Richest YouTuber? Well, it all started in 2015. After watching toy review channels, his mother thought “How come I’m not on YouTube”. All other kids were already on YouTube. So, she quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher and worked on the channel full-time.

Before going live, they changed and replaced their real-life surname Guan with the more likable and attractive Kaji.

The channel quickly grew. They garnered millions of subscribers monthly and daily. From the very beginning, they focused on toy reviews and playing with toys.

In 2017, Ryan’s parents signed a deal with PocketWatch. It is a startup children’s media company that does the marketing and merchandise for Ryan’s channel. They also created an application in cooperation with PocketWatch and WildWorks. The app, Tag with Ryan, is an endless runner game targeted towards children. You can get it for both iOS and Android operating systems.

In 2019, they produced a 20-episode television series for preschoolers, Ryan’s Mystery Playdate. And in November 2019, Outright Games released a video game, Race With Ryan. It is a racing game featuring the nine-year-old kid and other characters from Ryan’s World brand. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows all support the game.

Ryan’s World greatly influenced the toy industry. Often his reviews, affect the sales of a certain toy. After all, his reviews get millions of views. That is millions of customers affected by the opinion of a nine-year old.

At the Toy Fair in 2018 in New York, Kaji announced a new line of toys. Branded Ryan’s World, he released the toys in cooperation with PocketWatch and Bronker Toys. They released them through Walmart exclusively on August 6, 2018.

In 2018 and 2019, Forbes named the channel the highest-earning on YouTube. Ryan and his parents donate the toys to charity after reviewing them. They do not keep the toys, they give most of them to friends, family, and charity.

Net Worth

In the beginning, Ryan’s parents operated and managed the channel. But as his popularity grew, so did the team. Now, he has a 28-employee production company working for him. Sunlight Entertainment is the company responsible for managing the channel and producing content.

Ryan earned more than $20 million from YouTube alone in the past few years.

His parents Loann and Shion run the company Sunlight Entertainment. They manage nine different channels. Their main channel is still Ryan’s World. But they also manage Ryan’s World Español, Ryan’s World in Japanese, EK Doodles, Ryan’s Family Review, Vtubers, Combo Panda, Gus the Gummy Gator, and The Studio Space.

His channel amassed more than 41 million views to date and has more than 31 million subscribers. Ryan now lives in Texas with his family. Fun fact: his mother was once a convicted criminal jailed for shoplifting. Not anymore.

His parents are secretive about their true identity. They changed their original surname. Kaji is an on-screen name they chose for the purpose of the channel. They live in a 6,200 square foot house with a swimming pool. It is just one of their three properties in the area of Cypress. His mother takes care of him and the twin sisters.

Ryan’s World rose to prominence in 2015. And in 2016, the channel ranked in the Top 5 biggest channels on YouTube. He got more subscribers and popularity than celebrity musicians. As of 2020, the channel has more than 28 million subscribers. Ryan’s world gets more than 11,000 new subscribers daily.

His main channel generates more than $88,000 in revenue per day or more than $32 million per year. That is from ads alone. But that number might change in the coming years. As of August 2020, Ryan’s World net worth is more than $30 million.

In January 2020, YouTube announced the platform will put in place changes to kids’ content. For starters, YouTube will not allow targeted advertising in videos directed at kids under 13. The platform will also disable comments and notifications for channels aimed at children. How will this affect Ryan’s world net worth? We will see.