How To Pick The Perfect Eden Pillows For Your Home

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Identify Your Interior Aesthetic

So- you want to pick some perfect Eden pillows for your home.

Well, before you can do that, you’ve got to know how they will fit within your home. And that means, understanding your interior design aesthetic.

For most people, your interior aesthetic is rarely as easily categorizable as Scandinavian style minimalism or vibrant pop maximalism.

Most people live with far more subtle aesthetics, and this in and of itself can lead to what I like to call creative Interior confusion.

As you spend every day inside your home, it’s natural to become desensitized to what you see. Meaning it’s harder for you to discern how certain design elements, like an exceptional Eden pillow, will fit into the overall picture of your home.

So step back, take a proper look at your rooms, and ask yourself these four questions:

1. Is My Home High contrast or low contrast?

This is the most critical question, even though it may be hard to get initially what contrast means in a design sense. It isn’t just colour, it’s about how design elements blend inside your home.

For example, If your home is black and white, its high contrast. If it’s exposed metal versus fluffy delicate carpets and draping it’s high contrast. If it’s sharp geometric shapes with intricate, flowery decoration and accents, it’s high contrast.

Meanwhile if its ALL fluffy delicate carpets and soft blushy detailing, then it’s low contrast. If its all sharp geometric shapes and colours/styles situated on the same sort of design spectrum, it’s low contrast. If your house is soft pastel pinks, purples and golds, then it’s low contrast.

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2. What Colour Pallete am I using?

Think less ‘what colours’ and more ‘how does each colour function in my home’ and ‘how do these colours come together to create a specific aesthetic’.

Look at the colours in your home, take photos and think about how they truly fit together.

In a house with intense jewel tones of purple, blue and green an added pop of white in statement pieces brightens and freshens up the visual space. Keep this all in mind when picking your Eden pillows.

Image Credit: BarrattHomes.Com

3. Are The Textures In My Home Harsh Or Soft?

When I say ‘harsh’ I mean textures like brick, metal, slate, chrome and leather. These have a literal and a visual harshness, with striking lines and tough exteriority. There are no flowing lines, no delicate aspects, nothing ‘soft’.

Softness, like harshness, is not just used in this sense to mean physical textures- though it certainly includes fluffy carpets, velvet drapes and satin detailing. A soft visual texture is full of free-flowing lines, intricate details and rounded edges.

These textures relate intimately to shape, which is the final most critical aspect of picking your pillows.

Image Credit: Homeedit.Com

4. What Kind Of Shapes Are In My Home?

Following on from number three, identify the shapes in your home. Are they low contrast, almost all harsh geometric shapes?

Or is your home high contrast in that there is a mix of those and softer, flowing round shapes like circular detailings?

When you consider these things, you build a mental map in your mind not just of the literal shapes of your home, but the shape and form its interior aesthetic takes.

Where you consider its aspects like colour, texture, shape and contrast not in isolation but as part of a whole.

This whole is known as your home’s interior design aesthetic.

Now! Your perfectly prepared to pick out your Eden Pillows, if you can decide what function (besides comfort) you want them to serve in your interior. Luckily- there are only two.

Picture What You Want Out Of Your Eden Pillows

1. A Statement piece

If you want your Eden pillow to be a statement piece, consider how in your unique interior it could make a design statement. Maybe your interior aesthetic is modernistic, with a colour palette of dark black, blue and white, characterised by intense, sleek, harsh lines.

In this case- adding an intricate, colourful and rustic pillow, like the Kilim Starry Night Pillow which is pictured above, would make a sensational visual statement. Without feeling out of place within your home.

What’s true for your Eden pillow is true for any statement piece- it’s not about picking something wacky, alternative or ‘out there’ for the sake of it. 

It’s about choosing something that contrasts, disorients or grabs attention in the fabric of your interior design scheme to make it more dynamic.

3. Pillows Which Are Part Of The Bigger Picture

If you want a pillow that blends in and is another perfect part of your overall design scheme, then think about how a pillow can balance the aesthetic you already have.

For example, if your aesthetic is rustic, with exposed brickwork, harsh lines and more muted, shadowy tones perhaps of blue, black and white this stony Kilim Tri-Tone Eden Pillow would fit in perfectly.

Identify the pattern- and then match it, and if you’re unsure if you’ve been successful, ask a friend to tell you what’s the most noticeable thing about the room.

If they immediately point out the pillow, you may want to reconsider your choice.

So there you have it, how to pick the perfect Eden pillows from CladHome by considering your interior design aesthetic. Head on over there now to purchase your stunning pillows today.

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