Meet Paul Funk – A mentor and a serial entrepreneur who is here to make a difference

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The road to success is a never-ending journey. While the achievements and milestones are external factors, not everyone can teach how to develop yourself internally. Paul Funk stands apart from all who is a mentor and is the best coach for the people who want to develop themselves from within as well as externally. Popularly known as ‘The Wolf of personal development’, this man’s mission is to let people grow on the professional and spiritual grounds. Born and brought up in Friedrichshafen in Germany, Paul has done his formal training as a hypnosis coach, Neuro Linguistic Seller and an NLP Master. Moreover, he has also done Train The Trainer course which has enabled him to train people in improvising their skills.

Mr Funk trains people in the key subject areas of building a successful company like positioning, sales, NLP, Instagram marketing, online marketing, branding, e-commerce, management training, scaling in sales, mindset, personality development and affiliate marketing. Through his online coaching, many young minds are earning in millions. Started from a salesman, Paul is a millionaire now and he believes that the success begins from the mindset. “It is important to train your mind first. Meditation and being spirituality strong are two important aspects which result in the external world”, he said. He further stated that material things no longer make him happy but it is the internal happiness which matters for him.

The young entrepreneur became successful after his thorough research and planning. It was only when he analysed the market trends, he realised that many coaches teach about being successful with a heavy price. “My strategy was to make everything available online for almost free and then charge at a lesser cost. Less is more and you can achieve more with smaller contributions”, stated Paul. Trained by Marc Galal, this young visionary man is a guide to a lot of students who have flourished under his guidance on different levels. Opening doors of success and excellence, Paul Funk believes in making leaders and not bosses. “Boss has a title whereas leaders have people”, a motto which he strongly lives by.

Bringing a change in the coaching market through his teachings, he pays people for their further education by getting up to 70% commission through a remuneration concept; thus helping people grow their business. One of his most successful events has been as an NLP practitioner along with Marc Galal where he addressed more than 700 people. Giving a piece of advice, he said that the mindset of a human can achieve everything but all it matters is the positive approach towards things. Paul Funk plans to improvise his working patterns and be the best among all in the field of personality development. To free people from all the worries and negativity, the entrepreneur is a positive force everyone needs in life.

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