What to Look for in an Electro-Acoustic Guitar

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Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Electro-acoustic guitars are acoustic guitars that are fitted with preamplifier and a pickup, which captures the vibrations produced by the guitar when played and converts these into an electrical signal. This signal is then sent to an amplifier. What’s great about an electro-acoustic guitar is that you can play it as a ‘normal’ acoustic guitar but if you need it to be plugged in for amplification, it’s already got the electronics for that. If you still have not decided which amplifier to get, best seek reviews on Music Critic for your purchase guide. They will help you choose the right guitar amplifier for your money

If you’ve decided to purchase an acoustic-electric guitar instead of a standard acoustic, you’re probably wondering which one to get.

There are indeed many electro-acoustic models out there, such as this one, the LX1E from Martin, which features a Fishman Sonitone pickup-preamp system. Of course, when it comes to these kinds of guitars, the onboard electronics is a factor you need to check out. Here’s a quick guide on the qualities you need to look for in an electro-acoustic guitar.

Quality Electronics

There are different kinds of acoustic guitar pickups, from undersaddle pickups to blended pickups. Each type works toward a particular purpose, which means the electro-acoustic guitar you choose should have a pickup that’s right for what you want to do and the tone you want.

Whichever pickup and preamp system you go for, it has to not just work, but work really well. It’s ideal to choose a guitar that has onboard electronics from a reputable company to ensure quality and reliability.

Sturdy Build

Guitarists who choose electro-acoustic guitars often intend to use their instrument for live performance. If you are planning to play in gigs in the future, it’s important that your guitar is sturdily built so it can withstand the rigors of travel. Consider the build quality of the guitar, from the materials to the hardware used. If it looks and feels flimsy to you because of poor-quality materials and construction, it may be better for you to look elsewhere.

Playing Comfort

No matter how great the electronics of a guitar is, if you don’t feel comfortable playing it, it’s not going to do you any good. Playing comfort is still important when choosing a guitar – any guitar. Comfort can refer to how you feel when holding the guitar and the ease at which you play. Is the action too high or the strings too thick? Having your guitar professionally set up can fix these issues, but if you feel the guitar is too small or too big for you, you may have to look for another model that fits.

Sound Quality Plugged and Unplugged

This is where things get a bit tricky. Some acoustic-electric guitars may sound great when plugged in but not-so-great when unplugged, and vice versa. This simply won’t do, as you’ll surely want to be able to have quality sound from your guitar whether you’re plugged in or not.

Before buying an electro-acoustic, make sure you try it out with and without amplification and see if you like what you hear. Does it capture the natural acoustic tone well when plugged in? When checking out how different acoustic-electric guitars sound plugged and unplugged, close your eyes so you’ll be able to hear the nuances in tone much better.

All in all, take your time to choose an acoustic-electric guitar for your needs. If you choose right the first time, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary frustrations down the line, such as repairs, replacement of parts or having to buy a new guitar. Keep these qualities in mind when you do your guitar research or window shopping. Have fun and let us know what you came home with!

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