How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost? A Simple Price Guide

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Are you looking to get into golf? Wondering how much a set of clubs would cost? Then you’re in the right place!

Below, we’re going to detail the specifics of golf club prices, helping to answer the question, “How much do golf clubs cost?” Ready? Let’s go!

Cost of a Beginner Set of Golf Clubs

If you’re just getting started, you won’t need anything more than a beginner set. These clubs won’t possess the best construction quality, and might not possess the technology of higher-range clubs, but will more than help you get familiar with the game.

You can find a beginner set of 14 golf clubs for as little as $99. Note, though, that if you want a popular name brand, you’ll have to pay around $200.

At this juncture, if you’re not sure about your future in the sport, we’d recommend going with the cheapest option possible. If you find that you enjoy the sport, you can eventually buy a new set of clubs. If you find that you don’t enjoy the sport, you’re only out around 100 bucks.

Cost of Intermediate Set of Golf Clubs

Now, let’s say you’ve been playing for a bit and are ready to take a step up. Your beginner clubs are no longer cutting it. How much would an intermediate set of golf clubs cost?

Generally speaking, you can find an intermediate set for between $300 and $600. Note, though, that this set might not contain a driver, and probably won’t contain a putter. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to add those clubs individually (they can be found for between $50 and $500, so pick wisely).

For most golfers, an intermediate set is enough. Unless you’re ultra-competitive, there’s no reason to spend more than this.

Cost of Advanced Set of Golf Clubs

Perhaps you are, indeed, and ultra-competitive golfer. You’re playing in tournaments regularly and are consistently shooting around or under par. If so, it might not be a bad idea to opt for an advanced set of golf clubs.

Wondering how much you’ll have to pay? These could cost anywhere from $700 to $1,000 and maybe even more. Again, they might not contain drivers, and they likely won’t contain putters; you’ll have to purchase these separately.

Note, even if you are a great golfer, you don’t necessarily need a top-tier set of golf clubs. Plenty of great players do just fine with an intermediate set. If it’s going to push your budget to its limits, just stick with what you have.

No More Wondering “How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost?”

And there it is, an answer to the question of “How much do golf clubs cost?”. As you can see, prices vary based on a number of factors. But regardless of your budget, you should be able to find a set that suits you.

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