The Best Kratom Tea Recipe To Keep You Going

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Kratom is quickly becoming the choice of many seeking a legal, herbal high. One of the most popular methods to consume it is through the use of tea. Tea can take away the bitter taste and stop the dry sticking associated with eating powder directly.

We have chosen the best kratom tea recipe and listed it below. We also have a handy guide to help you make it taste delicious with only a few extra ingredients. It is time to put the kettle on and get brewing!

Choosing the Kratom

Do not choose Kratom extract when making tea. The hot water will break down alkaloids regardless. They are also more expensive, so it is a waste of money.

Your prior experience with kratom should dictate the strength and type of kratom you use. Generally, green kratom strains tend to be a more mellow strain, with white and red giving powerful and energetic highs. You may also choose to save money and buy wholesale.

Kratom Tea Recipe and Preparation

Start with one heaped tablespoon of powdered leaf. Depending upon how much tea you can drink, boil around 2-4 cups of water, or enough to fill a small teapot. As long as you consume all the kratom, you will feel the benefits, regardless of it is in 2 cups or 4.

Tip the heaped tablespoon into a large jug or teapot. Then pour your water on top of the tea slowly. You should stir the mix until there are no lumps or clumps of dry sediment at the bottom.


Kratom tea will taste quite bitter, so you may want to sweeten it. This can be done with natural sweeteners, such as honey or sugar, or with artificial sweeteners. Honey works extremely well to counteract the bitter taste, whereas artificial sweeteners will need 2 or more tablets.

Many people choose to add citric juice in the form of lemon and lime. This can actually increase the potency of the Kratom while making it even more delicious. Be careful with this if it is your first time using Kratom.

Hot or Cold

You now have the difficult decision of consuming your tea hot or cold. If consuming the kratom tea cold, leave it to chill in a refrigerator to settle. Once it has cooled and the powder has settled on the bottom, pour it over ice.

Additional Teas

If you still find the taste too harsh, you can combine the kratom with other blends of tea. There are a number that work extremely well.

A very refreshing tea can be made using a spearmint tea bag, chamomile tea bag, and 2 tablespoons of kratom. It is a very relaxing tea due to the chamomile and would suit a kratom that induces relaxation such as a green strain.

One way to add intensity to kratom is with the use of citrus juice. Try citric flavored tea bags such as orange and lime with strong strains for a really potent blast. You can also blend them into fruit smoothies to really hide the taste.

The Kratom Cycle

For any kratom tea recipe to work fully, it is important that you cycle its usage and take regular periods off. This will enhance its power the next time you try it.

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