The Best Netflix Hacks You Should Try Out Today

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During lockdown when people had more free time than ever, streaming Netflix became an important part of our lives.

It provides some sort of the relief of what’s happening around the world and the tensions of the daily life.

While most people would watch a few popular titles, they don’t know how to make the most out of the experience Netflix has to offer. They aren’t able to explore the extensive library nor could they see the true potential of the platform.

In this guide, I’ll be discussing some of the best Netflix hacks you can try right now to get the most out of Netflix. Here are some of my favorite hacks:

1. Watch Netflix with Your Friends

If cinemas are closed due to lockdown, there are other ways for your friends to enjoy movies and TV shows together using Netflix Party chrome extension.

This tool is easy to install and allows your friends to watch anything on Netflix on a single screen. There’s a comment box too where you can chat and share your thoughts about the movie.

Once you open Netflix and connect to this Netflix Party extension, you can generate a URL that can be shared with your friends.

2. Watch Foreign Content on Netflix

If you don’t know, Netflix content library varies from one region to another. That’s because of the licensing agreement Netflix made with content owners.

If a content owner suggests that their Movie/TV Shows must not be available outside the US, then Netflix has to oblige by their agreement.

The US content library of Netflix contains 40% of the entire content library. This means, if you’re not in the US you’re missing out on a bigger piece of the pie.

To access to US Netflix or any other content form around the world, you will need to have VPNs that work with Netflix. That’s right! Not all VPNs work with Netflix even if they claim to do so.

Once you have access to US library, you can explore tons of new content that weren’t available before.

3. Remove Episode Descriptions with an Extension

Netflix does a job of spoiling your suspense by showing the description under each Netflix episode. You can’t avoid to ruin the fun yourself by reading the description.

Super Netflix Extension not only hides the plot descriptions and thumbnails, but it also enhances your viewing experience by enhancing brightness and color contrast.

It picks your video quality automatically and even skips TV shows intro if you don’t like them. This extension is completely free to use.

4. Netflix Codes

Netflix assigns each Movie/TV Shows or even categories with a code. It has more than 76,000 hidden categories.

If you’re seeing the same Netflix homepage with the same old boring recommendations, you can change that up by adding a code at the end of the Netflix URL.

For example, if you want to watch Latin and Ballroom dance movies, you can put the code ‘1366’ like:

You can look at all the genre codes here.

5. No Netflix Original

There’s no doubt that Netflix Originals are worth watching. However, if you’re fed up watching the Netflix Originals, then this chrome extension will only show you Movies or TV Shows are produced by other streaming services.

It will remove all Netflix Originals from your Home Screen and will bring up something that is produced by other services.

6. Reveal IMDB Score

It’s so frustrating not to see the actual reviews of a title that Netflix recommends. You would have to open up IMDB website yourself and then check each title’s ratings. This could be very hectic.

Thankfully, Enhancer by Simkl is a great extension that works on multiple streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Once you register an account with it, you will get to know the IMDB score, TV Rank, and drop-off rate for each title.

7. Sort by Year

Netflix doesn’t have the feature to sort the titles by years even though it does sort out Movies/TV Shows by genre.

To do that, you will first need to select a category like Comedy, Horror, etc. and then click on the 4 dots that will be located at the top-right corner.

You will see the option ‘Suggestions for You’’. If you click on that, there will be categories like Year Released, A-Z, Z-A.

Clicking on the ‘Year Released’ option will categorize each title with the year it was released.

So, these were only the 7 Netflix hacks that I discussed but there are hundreds of more hacks that will make your life easier with Netflix.

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