What Causes Teeth Misalignment? An Orthodontist’s Insight

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Not sure what is causing your teeth misalignment?

Causes of teeth misalignment vary, but it is a common phenomenon in the United States. It is essential to visit the dentist at least once a year to ensure a healthy smile. Dentists can also advise if orthodontics are right for you!

Whether you are concerned about your dental health or how you look, teeth misalignment can be fixed.

Let an expert explain why your teeth may be crooked:

1. Jaw Size or Misalignment

As the modern diet consists of more processed and soft foods, our jaws no longer need the strength they once did. As a result, jaw size over time has decreased. A smaller jaw over time may be the reason so many people have crowded, crooked teeth.

Jaw misalignment occurs when a person has an underbite or an overbite. Malocclusion can affect your chewing habits that hurt your teeth, causing pain or tooth breakage.

This is very common in the US. A jaw or tooth misalignment can be fixed with adult orthodontics.

2. Genetics

Many orthodontists believe that crooked teeth or malocclusion are hereditary. Genetics are responsible for crowded teeth, extra teeth, or poor tooth development. Misaligned jaws or different shaped jaws are also hereditary.

Misaligned teeth are party due to parents who experience the same issues. Bone disease can be hereditary. Hereditary alignment issues like the number of teeth, size of teeth, jaw size, and alignment cause misaligned teeth.

3. Poor Dental Hygiene or Habits

Dental health problems, like gum disease or cavities, can lead to crooked teeth if left untreated. Teeth should be checked by a dentist at least once a year to prevent these health issues from affecting your teeth.

Unfortunately, those without access to dental care can suffer from teeth misalignment due to poor dental hygiene. Often, people in these circumstances suffer from poor dental development or tooth decay.

Poor habits can also affect your teeth. Thumb sucking is a major cause of misaligned teeth in children. Grinding your teeth can cause crooked teeth in both children and adults.

4. Disease, Injury, or Extractions

External issues can cause misaligned or underdeveloped front teeth or back teeth.

As mentioned, gum disease can cause crooked teeth. But other conditions can also affect how straight your teeth are in adulthood. Cancer, diabetes, anemia, and thyroid problems can lead to tooth issues that affect your teeth.

Injuries like trips or falls, or sports accidents, can cause tooth misalignment. Breaking your jaw can lead to crooked teeth as well. A hit to the face or jaw can easily knock one or more teeth out of place.

Dental extractions or broken teeth can cause teeth to move into the open spaces in your jaw, moving them out of place.

5. Aging

As a person ages, their bones shrink. When the jaw shrinks by a few millimeters, it can cause crowding, which leaves teeth crooked and misaligned.

Aging teeth are exposed to many other forces that may misalign them. Tooth degradation and decay are reasons teeth may become crooked with age. Another is that the bottom teeth tend to move forward with age, crowding the smile’s center.

Fixing Teeth Misalignment

Luckily there are many ways to fix teeth misalignment. Braces and Invisalign are two great options to straighten teeth quickly. However, crooked teeth due to jaw misalignment might require further orthodontic treatment.

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