Five Reasons Employers Want PMP® Certification

It is obvious that the more qualified you are, the more employment and opportunities will come your way. However, not every degree or exam has the same weightage or relevance. As priorities and the job market shifts, the qualifications that employers look for also change. One of the most sought after certifications by employers currently is none other than PMP. 

The Project Management Profession (PMP) credential is one that is provided by the Project Management Institute, an NGO based in the US. It is a 200 question, multiple-choice exam that tests individuals regarding their skills and understanding of project initiation, planning and more. Although it used to be pen-and-paper before, one can now get their PMP certification online as well.

This exam is essential for all those individuals who are aspiring to rise up the managerial ladder and be in charge of their own team.

If you’d like to know why employers prefer candidates with the PMP certification, keep on reading.

1. In-depth knowledge

The first and foremost reason as to why employers would prefer subordinates with PMP qualification is because those individuals will have in-depth, and both theoretical as well as practical knowledge about handling their own team. Not only will they be experienced, but knowledgeable as well. They will know the exact rules and methods to apply while executing a project as a manager and be able to share such information with their team or group as well.

2. An example of high intelligence

If you didn’t know, the PMP certification course is no easy task. It isn’t your “run of the mill” test, where you can study haphazardly and pass. Instead, it requires not only clear and intricate knowledge of text material but also experience and practical thinking. It also relies on your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Any individual who has successfully passed this exam is gifted and smart. Which employer wouldn’t want to have an intelligent employee with such skills?

3. Customer requirements

Another reason why PMP graduates are so sought after by employers is that the customers themselves want people with such a qualification to be in charge of their project. Again, these demands are made only because the clients are aware of the various skills and the amount of knowledge that those who have passed the PMP possess. They know that PMP graduates are competent, trained and sharp and hence, specifically ask for them.

4. Recognition for quality workforce

When an employee hires a candidate with PMP certification, the status of the organisation is automatically lifted. That is because the PMP exam is world-renowned and revered for being one of the best management and leadership programs and any organisation with a workforce which has a PMP certification, is undoubtedly a company that will provide excellent services.

5. Efficient teamwork on a global scale

Since PMP is a globally recognised and acclaimed credential, it will allow employees to work on projects with corporations from around the world. The PMP program consists of a common set of rules, regulations and methodologies that are used by organisations all over the world. When such a common link exists, successful collaborations will follow.


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