A Brief Tutorial on Garage Door Safety and Installation

Home ownership is a part of life that most of us strive for.  But with this accomplishment we will occasionally be presented with different challenges that we need to address involving the general care and upkeep of our homes.  One area of our homes that we may have to address is the installation or repair of a garage door. 

This can be due to general wear and tear, storm damage, an accident or a wide range of other circumstances that were out of our control.  If you find yourself in this situation the following guide will walk you through the general process involved in installing a garage door as well as general safety tips.  If any portion of these directions are unclear, you may wish to consider hiring a company such as A1 Garage door service & repair specialist in Eagle or other licensed business in your area.

Preparing your door

To start with you will need to prepare your old door for removal.  However, if this is a new installation you can skip this step and move forward.  To begin, make sure that your door is completely closed and that all objects are removed from the area.  You don’t want to trip or fall over anything while removing your door. 

You want to start by releasing the tension on the torsion spring.  This can be done by inserting a small metal rod between the springs to release the pressure.  Holding firmly onto the rod you will then use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws holding the plate together.  This may be a two man job so have someone standing by if needed.

Once that is completed, you will want to use the steel rod to loosen the springs.  This is done slowly a quarter turn at a time.  Repeat this process for each door slat.  Once done, the main area of your door will be removed.

Remove the remaining hardware

The next step is to remove your existing hardware from the garage door opening.  This will include the garage door opener. You can do this with an electric screwdriver or a drill with a screwdriver attachment.  From there, you want to disconnect the track that the old door used as guidance.  Once everything is removed you should be ready to install the new door.

Install new door

The process of installing the new door should be self-explanatory.  Since you just removed the old door you will just need to reverse the process for the installation.  To start, you want to install the door panels.  This will allow you to connect the rest of the garage door assembly. 

Install hinges and track

Once the panels are installed it is time to install the hinges and the track.  This will allow your door to flow up and down freely as well as bend and move when needed.  From there, install the brackets that will help with the stopping of the door.  If you don’t have these brackets then the door can run off the track and fall off from behind causing damage to you, the car and anyone else in the garage.

Attach all the hardware

Finally, you will want to install all of the hardware, pulleys, cables and more.  Reinstall the electronic garage door opener and test everything out.  If done correctly your door will look and function just like new.


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