Settling A Personal Injury Claim

The ultimate goal of any personal injury claim should be reaching a reasonable settlement and avoiding the trial. However, when the things start to heat up, you’ll need to change your strategy and persuade the party to sit on the negotiation table once again.

Here are some tips that you can follow to settle the personal injury claim in a better way.

Remember How Much You’re Looking For

In the process of making your personal injury claim, include all the medical costs, lost wages and any future costs and make an estimate of what you’re looking to get in the case of a good settlement. Make a minimum settlement amount and don’t mention it when contacting the insurance company of the rival party. You want to keep this figure in your mind. This makes your bottom line more certain, and you should never accept an offer lower than your bottom line.

Once the minimum amount has been calculated, make it a bit higher (to handle the negotiations and bargain) and ask the settler to pay you that amount. That’s the how it all starts. During the course of negotiations, of the other party succeeds in weakening your case, you’ll have to lower you asking price a bit. On the contrary, you can also increase the asking amount if your claim gets stronger.

Never Accept The First Offer

Many people who try to handle the personal injury lawsuits by themselves often get intrigued by the first offer and end up accepting it due to a lack of proper legal knowledge. This is where hiring a proper lawyer for you back injury claim or any other personal injury claim becomes somewhat necessary.

A lawyer would always teach you more about the procedures of law and would help you evaluate you personal injury claim in a better way. The adjuster also offers a lower initial amount to check if you have any idea of the real worth of your claim or not.

After the first offer, you can either accept or reject it. If the offer is reasonable, you can accept, however, if it a but lower than your bottom line, you can send them an offer slightly below you initial asking price, this process would help both the parties in reaching a fair settlement amount pretty soon.

Use The Evidence To Your Benefit

When you’re still in the initial stages of your personal injury claim, you have to justify the amount you’re asking, while the adjuster tries to justify low amount they’re offering. So, you’ll need to make your points stronger by using all the evidences to your benefit. For example, you can send them some photos to show how bad your car was hurt during the accident, or you can show the picture of the beer bottle found in other person’s car.

These things make you point legally stronger, and when you have enough evidences to justify what you’re asking, the settler would be pushed to pay the price.


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