What You Should Know About Body Corporate Services

Proper management is what you need to ensure the safety and condition of your property.  You must guarantee to have a working relationship with your strata manager. The manager is your core responder in handling disputes, maintenance, and policy enforcement, ensuring all residents are satisfied and safe. Body corporate managers are essential. They do the hard work for your boring job routines that are less appreciated. This article will help you gauge the health of your body corporate services.

Body corporate services are necessary for securing your property value and profit. If you are new to this industry, a good strata manager will help you with everything from compliance, law, and legislation requirements. Different States have different body corporate legislation to adhere to, that can be quite overwhelming for property owners. Handling disputes and decision-making must be accurate to avoid implications that will cost you money and more problems in the end.

Experienced body corporate managers know how to handle these problems without jeopardising anyone, however constant monitoring must be made to warrant the health of your body corporate services.

Compliance Awareness

When you say healthy body corporate management, it involves the status of your property’s compliance certifications. Ensuring that you possess all the necessary certifications is a body corporate manager’s responsibility. Property inspections are required to ensure the safety of all residents and the condition of your building. Make sure your manager conducts a regular inspection routine; otherwise, the property is prone to disintegration without you knowing it.   


Keeping the property clean and well-maintained increases its value, aside from making residents happy and satisfied. Your body corporate manager must enforce the property policy, explaining it to the residents properly to ensure safety and prevent property damage.  Taking action on minor repairs is as important as major repairs. Being proactive in doing maintenance is the role of the body corporate.

Body Corporate Behavior

Behavior is crucial in keeping effective management. Examining the background of your body corporate manager creates a working relationship necessary to prevent mismanagement.

  • Corrupt body corporates are a big NO. They are often the cause of crimes, theft, and violence. Drug-related crimes are among the problems plaguing residential buildings nowadays, something that your body corporate must prevent and report than tolerate.
  • Violence

Preventing any violent altercations, whether physical or verbal, is the responsibility of your strata manager. Patient managers know the boundaries of their duties, ensuring they do not commit legislative or criminal violations in any circumstances.

  • Intimidation is a form of bullying. You must enforce your policies politely, rather than bullying residents to comply, and yelling will not solve anything. Handle each situation calmly, by pacifying parties involved to reach an agreement.

A good body corporate manager treats people with consideration and kindness following the policy and law applicable to achieve a peaceful environment.

Financial Management

Financial issues are one of the key areas that the body corporate committee and the body corporate manager negotiate. Transparency is the key in this aspect to warrant the profitability of the property. Keeping an eye on your finances, taxes, and sinking fund leverages the effectiveness of the management. You must ensure the accuracy of every bit of data or information given to you. Being proactive in these matters is critical for your property’s health.

There’s no doubt a body corporate service is vital for your property. They can help you in maintaining your property, and in accruing its value. Analysing the health of your body corporate, through the critical pointers mentioned above will help you gauge whether to change service or stay.

If you have questions relating to body corporate managers check out Stratacare Australia for more detailed information about your body corporate needs.


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