How to Secure Your Home with Smart Technology

According to Insure4Retirement insurance companies are now recognising that smart technology can make our homes more secure, reducing the likelihood of damage and burglary, and in response to that may lower our insurance premium if we invest in suitable devices.

So what type of smart secure devices are available, and how do they work?  Do they really make your home more secure?

Smart Doorbells

Often the first smart device adopted by many households, a smart doorbell gives you eyes, ears, and a voice at your doorstep when you’re not even at home.  Smart doorbells can be set to send you a notification to your smart phone whenever the camera is triggered, so when there is movement on your driveway.  The live video stream can then be viewed so you can decide if the visitor to your property is welcome or otherwise.

If the visitor proceeds to press your doorbell then you can speak to them via the video doorbell, giving them instructions, perhaps for a deliveryman, as to where to leave a parcel, or when to come back again at a more convenient time.

If the visitor to your property is suspicious or it is late at night you can speak to them via the bell, or use other connected smart technology such as smart lights or speakers to notify them that someone is at home, even if you’re not, so that they are deterred from attempting to steal your car or break into your home.

Smart Camera and Smart Sensors

While a smart doorbell only covers the front exterior of your home, other entrances and the interior of you home can be secured with a network of smart cameras and sensors.  Like smart doorbells they will notify you when they are triggered and can connect to other smart devices to respond to the intruder with noise or lighting to deter any further intrusion or damage to your property.

A smart home system combining a smart doorbell, smart cameras, and smart sensors can give your home a full security system that was once only affordable for the rich.  The quality of video footage and responsiveness of the system was once only available for museums and art galleries, but now can be available in every home relatively inexpensively.  Its certainly worthwhile an investment to give you reassurance that you know what is going on around your property, even when you’re not at your property.

Other Smart Devices For Your Home

In addition to security devices there are also other devices which can protect your home.  There are now water leak smart systems which detect leakages form your water circuit.  If fitted throughout your circuit you can close off a section that has a leak to prevent further damage, or even cut off your mains water input.  By detecting where a leak exactly is they can allow it to be fixed quicker.

Its understandable why insurance companies are willing to reduce insurance premiums for households where smart technology has been implemented.


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