Market America and SHOP.COM, Leading the Digital Shopping Revolution by Flattening the Direct Sales Hierarchy

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Market America has been proven as a gateway for financial success. Their UnFranchise system is based around standards, including state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising & marketing tools, increased visibility amongst hungry consumers, and the opportunity for people to own their own business.

Achieving financial independence and becoming a successful business owner has never been a piece of cake, but it has been proven to work with a sound systematic approach like the Market America UnFranchise System. Hundreds of thousands of people are building entrepreneurial success through the UnFranchise business model. More than 500 of those people have become multi-millionaires. Some UnFranchise Owners have published their stories online, giving credit to Market America’s high standards and the unique opportunity for their newfound success. 

Many people wonder how so many individuals are reaching such success with Market America. These people maintain that they are putting in long hours of hard work, dedication, and have the discipline to follow an already-proven structure; the Market America, UnFranchise system. This business model is proven to provide everyday folks with an honest and meaningful way to earn a real income on a full- time or part-time schedule so that financial independence may be achieved. When surveyed, the public often conveys that they want something more. Normal office life and retirement system are not enough for most individuals. Market America is successful because it empowers consumers through their earning and spending, and turn those results into incredible prosperity.

Market America states that it recognizes that it takes four key strategies to build a business to an incredible level of success. To be successful, UnFranchise Owners consistently receive cash back from their purchases, work hard as an UnFranchise business owner, sell goods and services through their online businesses, and add members to their teams. However, no matter what others may try to claim about this successful business, money is earned solely through commissions. Market America has proven itself to be no pyramid scheme.

The company says that each of these methods is designed to work seamlessly together and be mutually beneficial so that nobody suffers on behalf of another person’s success. They maintain that there is no competition, only mutual success. UnFranchise entrepreneurs say that they are guided towards greatness through each detailed step and nothing can stop them from positive results, all while from the comfort of their own homes.

The Amazing Shopping Annuity

One of the easiest ways to make money in an UnFranchise business is to simply make a purchase through SHOP.COM. UnFranchise Owners and shoppers do this every single day. Whenever they make any purchase, many simply head to SHOP.COM first. Each time they do, cashback is earned. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in a very popular process.

Studies show that the typical American household spends tens of thousands of dollars each year on various goods and necessities. Many of these households are heading online for these purchases as data shows website traffic is up, and physical store sales are on the decline. The data supports that online shopping will only continue to grow in the years to come.  Many Market America UnFranchise Owners are rewarded for the items that they need to buy on a day to day basis. This results in a win-win situation!

According to Marketing America, when someone is an UnFranchise business owner, not only do they make money off of their own purchases, they also earn money on any purchases that their customers make. There is nothing but honest growth potential available in the UnFranchise opportunities.


Market America was founded in 1992 and today has over 800 employees through UnFranchise, Owners love the Shopping Annuity because it has changed the way they spend their time shopping. They have the power to earn even more money from their customers’ purchases as UnFranchise owners and when they direct shoppers to their UnFranchise business site.

Many UnFranchise Owners report that they are able to make a highly lucrative living without having to get dressed up, fight traffic, and go into an office. They say that they are ‘able to live life on their terms’, and have been highly successful at it.

According to many UnFranchise Owners, what really sold them on Market America was how low-risk the UnFranchise model was to start. They report that they were able to start part-time without quitting their regular day jobs. Plus, they were pleased that the startup expenses were minimal. Many franchise businesses require a hefty investment upfront, which can be extremely difficult to afford for most people. With the UnFranchise model, people do not have to risk savings, mortgage, and retirement to get started.

All UnFranchise Owners maintain that they are in complete control of how quickly they are able to build their businesses and what days and hours they choose to dedicate to it. When UnFranchise Owners leave their full-time jobs behind to devote themselves completely to their UnFranchise business, they have said it is one of the happiest days of their lives, and their success quickly increases.

Another great perk of Market America is that once UnFranchise Owners decide to become entrepreneurs through this system, they can choose what area or areas of specialization they want to go into. Someone with a background or interest in marketing, for example, might do well with WebCenters, Market America’s digital market solution.

Online Store

The next step after opening an UnFranchise business is to start selling goods and services online. Once an UnFranchise store is open and attracts a bevy of paying customers, an UnFranchise Owner will really begin to see prosperity rolling their way. As in any business venture, it is important to remember that everyone has their own skills, passions, and interests. Remember to focus on promoting the products in the areas that you are most passionate about.

Many UnFranchise Owners say that their backgrounds and interests help them in their UnFranchise businesses. If you are someone who enjoys assisting customers in growing their businesses, the company encourages taking a look at WebCenters, which has opened the gates for many to explore their talents for digital marketing.  Market America also supplies products such as Isotonix supplements, which have scientifically-advanced formulas which are designed to give your body the maximum benefit from vitamins and minerals.


WebCenters, according to Market America, is a digital marketing solution seeking to help businesses grow. Digital marketing is an industry that has seen incredible growth during the last decade. Market America ensures that what UnFranchise Owners are selling is what their customers really want to buy. The company maintains that if you are interested in working in the online business space as an UnFranchise entrepreneur, this is the exact right time and area to specialize in.

According to Market America, WebCenters uses the most innovative marketing technology to help UnFranchise Owners get through the noise on the internet and stand out from the crowd. Due to the fact that it is backed by the UnFranchise business model, it is more comprehensive than the typical online marketing approach with tools such as websites, SEO & SEM, social media, analytics, and even more. UnFranchise Owners don’t even have to be a web developer or marketing expert to use this technology, and neither do their customers. UnFranchise Owners maintain that all they need for a thriving online business is a passion to succeed and WebCenters.

With WebCenters, UnFranchise Owners are given all of the tools they could want to build a successful business. They have the power to earn thousands of dollars, all while providing businesses with a fresh web presence. WebCenter includes all of the training, support, and tools owners need to build a strong foundation for their businesses, all while helping others grow a strong foundation for their online communication and presence.

Companies everywhere are always looking for ways to increase their revenue, decrease spending, and promote their company. Utilizing the internet is one of the most effective ways to reach those aspirations, according to the businesses across the map. No one can afford to not have an online presence at this juncture. According to Market America, there has never been a better time to get involved with WebCenters.

Team Members Does Not Equal Bottom of the Pyramid

When someone becomes an established Market America UnFranchise business owner, they have the ability to expand their capacity to earn money and enhance their life. Selling products and services in an UnFranchise business means that owners can earn up to 50% of the gross retail profit of whatever they sell. Whether UnFranchise Owners choose one of the physical products or digital marketing service route, the earning potential is always there.

At this point, the company advises that it is best to focus on a core group of preferred customers and apply the skills learned through Market America to become an excellent one-to-one marketer. Once an UnFranchise Owners has some experience selling their products and marketing their UnFranchise business, it is recommended that they try to expand it even further.

Many say that once they started living out life on their own terms, others wanted to know how they did it. They then disclosed the information to their friends and relatives, as it was the perfect time to invite these people to join Market America and become UnFranchise business owners too. Once some of these people took the plunge toward their dreams, the original UnFranchise Owners were able to help their friends grow new UnFranchise businesses. Market America states that ultimately, others’ success is your success because when they make sales, you get the same credit that they do. Many state that not only is this rewarding financially, but it also feels good to know that they have helped point someone else in the right direction as well.

As new UnFranchise Owners grow their business and implement these strategies, they may also add members to their team. Because UnFranchise is always current with trends, products, and development, businesses and the businesses of team members can continue to be current, relevant, and successful. UnFranchise business owners continue to assert that their businesses have many of the “perks” of a franchise but without the negative aspects of it.

How is this different from a franchise?

You may be wondering, why call it an UnFranchise business?  What does UnFranchise even mean and why would anyone call it such a name? Let’s explore some of what an UnFranchise business means.

Market America and SHOP.COM President, CEO, and Chairman JR Ridinger stated that he came up with the term UnFranchise for this business model because it is similar to a franchise, but it doesn’t come with all the heartache and challenges of a true franchise. A regular franchise business requires franchise fees. For a middle-class individual, this can get pretty expensive and out of reach.

A recent article ranked the top 200 franchise businesses for the year. Here are some of the exorbitant costs associated with starting some of the top franchises throughout the US:

  • Kona Ice (food) – investment of $124,750
  • Maid Pro (cleaning) – investment of $74,560
  • FASTSIGNS (business services) –investment of $193,548
  • Expedia CruiseShipCenters (travel) –investment of $165,000
  • Online Trading Academy (education) –investment of $389,800
  • PJ’s Coffee (food) –investment of $168,566
  • Drybar (beauty) –investment of $644,070

Unlike these popular franchises, the UnFranchise system has no franchise fees, no monthly royalties, and no territorial restrictions. Owners do not have to risk their savings or retirement money to start an UnFranchise business. They do not have to take out a second mortgage or get a huge and painstakingly cumbersome loan.

With this business model, they can start working with their UnFranchise businesses part-time from the beginning if need be. The UnFranchise system does not require its owners to rely on someone else to build their business. Market America discloses that it is entirely up to the owner of the UnFranchise to grow as quickly or as slowly as they need to. Many UnFranchise Owners state that the biggest reward is not having to answer to anyone but themselves.

Market America welcomes those who are willing to put in the work and the hours to achieve maximum success and join their budding social community of entrepreneurs who are taking the steps towards financial freedom. Market America says that they support UnFranchise Owners who help others reach their goals and achieve the lives that they deserve. Market America is known as a ‘dimaryp’ model (pyramid spelled backward), or the opposite of a pyramid because Market America helps its UFOs in the company to rise to the top.

Financial independence and success is simple and achievable, but it does take some work. Market America’s CEO JR Ridinger doesn’t sugar coat it, and many appreciate that about him.  He says that the UnFranchise System works when UnFranchise Owners do the work. The company asserts that when UnFranchise Owners follow the directions and the rules, they may achieve massive success with this proven business model.

Many have stated that the UnFranchise business model offers high-quality, amazing products that UnFranchise Owners actually want to promote. Market America is willing to provide owners with the systems and processes, professional marketing tools, training, branding, and an effective & proven management system to start and scale a business. All that UnFranchise Owners have to do is learn, work hard, and execute their strategies.

A Revolutionary Business Changing the Game

Market America was founded back in 1992. The company’s mission is to provide a system that allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to build an ongoing stream of income while providing consumers across the globe a better way to shop.

UnFranchise businesses report using revolutionary technology and the power of people to build the economy of the future. Market America’s shopping site, SHOP.COM is one of the biggest online retailers for consumers around the world. These revolutionaries offer over 35 million products and services.

Market America UnFranchise businesses have a proprietary business model that combines the internet and the personalization of one-to-one marketing. They offer a unique social shopping model that provides consumers with what they need and what they want in a friendly, customized environment.

The corporate headquarters of the company is located in Greensboro, NC, but its reach is now worldwide with locations in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Market America has generated over $7.3 billion in accumulated retail sales through independent distributors and UnFranchise owners. Given the research data on Market America, I think it’s safe to say that this company has and is changing lives for those looking for a company to build a ‘UnFranchise’ business with.

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