How to Choose Online Dispensary for Buying Cannabis in Canada: A Beginners Guide

Walking into a legal cannabis shop for the first time can be an intimidating experience for a lot of people, but you shouldn’t worry. If you happen to be living in Canada, you can spare yourself the stress by buying cannabis online. Before you make the selection, it is essential to learn a bit more about weed for sale, but also learn what you can expect from an online dispensary. Choosing the right dispensary is the first step to take before you make any purchase. 

In this article, we offer a quick guide on what you should know when choosing online dispensaries in Canada.

What Cannabis Basics Should You Know

Cannabis, also known as marijuana (among many other names), is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The plant contains a vast number of compounds. These compounds are also called cannabinoids. Most famous among them are the mind-altering chemical THC and cannabidiol, known to reduce seizures, combat anxiety, and produce other calming effects. Due to its extraordinary properties, people use cannabis for both medical or recreational purposes. 

If you have read about marijuana or browsed about it online, you might notice that marijuana consumers divide the marijuana strains into three categories: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. In short, here is the fundamental difference between them – Indica strains are believed to be physically sedating, perfect for relaxing. Sativas are said to provide stimulating, uplifting cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social gatherings, and creative projects. And hybrids are thought to fall somewhere in between, offering a balance of the effects of both. 

Also, there are three basic ways of consuming cannabis: inhalation, oral, and topical. When inhaled (through smoking or vaporizing), the gases enter the lungs before being absorbed into the bloodstream. When used orally through the mouth, it is in the form of tinctures, ingestible oils, and infused food or drinks. And lastly, topical cannabis application utilizes full cannabis extract that quickly absorbs through the skin. Each method of consumption leads to different psychoactive effects – When smoked, cannabis comes on quickly but lasts for a short period while eating delays the onset of the impact, though the duration is typically longer.

A credible online dispensary in Canada provides you with different product options so that you can choose your most convenient method. Most of the first-time users and buyers first think of edibles (mostly brownies). If you are also considering edibles, know that cannabis can be infused in almost anything. There are even dispensaries that have an on-site kitchen creating all kinds of treats from desserts to snacks. 

Inform Yourself on the Dispensary of Your Choice

Growing and selling cannabis is a thriving industry in Canada, and geneticists and growers are developing new strains every day. For these reasons, pay attention to the source of the strains. People running large dispensaries usually have their growers, and those managing smaller dispensaries usually buy weed from local growers. Whenever possible, gather information about the grower as well. 

Also, look for a dispensary that offers excellent selection and quality. In well-equipped dispensaries, you can find strains of various levels of CBD and THC and potencies. Find what best suits you through online TopDispensary in Canada where they can offer you a good selection. And do not sacrifice quality. If a dispensary has a plentiful variety, it is also likely to have excellent quality cannabis. Avoid dispensaries that do not offer legal cannabis products. 

How to Recognize Legal Cannabis Products

In Canada, only retailers approved by the provincial or territorial government can sell legal cannabis products. Look for cannabis products that have an excise stamp on the package. However, keep in mind that this stamp is displayed only on products containing more than 0.3% THC. Each province and territory has a differently colored excise stamp. Legal cannabis products also carry standardized cannabis symbols and mandatory health warning messages. The reason – to provide information on possible risks of use. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Some Questions

Whether you have walked in into a dispensary or you are browsing online if you have some questions to ask, don’t be shy. Look for an online dispensary that has knowledgeable staff and offers live chats for providing their customers with all the information they need. Some online dispensaries even give the possibility to make a phone call. Just like every other business, they also want to retain customers. Communicate with them your needs and doubts. They will be in a position to tell you the difference between different forms of cannabis, such as oils, flowers, and edibles, and offer you the right product you need. 

Do Your Research – Read Reviews and Compare Prices

If you want to make the right choice when selecting and buying cannabis, you need to do your research as well. If you have made a shortlist selection of online dispensaries, the next step will be to go through their reviews on their websites. You can also visit their Facebook pages, check comments from users, and also examine reviews on Yelp. You want to know more about what previous customers have to say about them.

Additionally, if you are going to buy marijuana for the first time, you probably do not know the cost of various strains. Visit several online dispensaries and compare the price of a particular strain. You should always keep in mind that if you want a premium quality product, you will have to pay a premium price.


Using online dispensaries in Canada when purchasing cannabis has a significant advantage – It allows you to make orders from any location and any online device within seconds. Secure and informed communication, as well as payment methods, are just the added conveniences. If you want to be sure that you have made the right choice when making any purchase, be sure to go through our pointers. 


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