The Big Trends in Sports Broadcasting for 2019

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Just like fashion, health, and celebrities, when it comes to sports, there are several topics to talk about. The year 2019 is a crucial year for broadcasting and media houses all over the world. Several changes will be taking place in the sports world. Some of the most exciting topics to look forward to will be; the fight on piracy improved user experience and availability of OTT distribution options. If you are a sports fan, you will have noticed that the sports world has and will transform this year. When it comes to the media, entertainment, and technology industry, everything is highly innovative and dynamic. Each year, new topics come up that need to be discussed, blogged, argued, and chatted about. As the old trends fade away, new ones come to take their place and help to keep people engaged.

Since there are several trends in the sports world, these are the common three that people cannot stop talking about.


In 2018, fans got to know about the potency of latency and the adverse effects that come with it. This happened during the FIFA World Cup held in Russia, and it brought the attention of several fans all over the world. This audience was going through the effect of user experience issues, but this did not somehow stop them from streaming the rest of the game. There was a vast complain worldwide because users were getting 60 seconds of delays on BBC while streaming. This is ne of the most annoying things that could ever happen to anyone on earth. For example, if you are in your bedroom with your smartphone, watching a game, and your neighbors scream “goal” before you, that may somehow make you frustrated. This was one of the sports trends in 2019 as people could not stop talking about how slow the live streaming was, and how it affected the way they saw parts of the game.

Presently, the online broadcast feeds now arrive 10 seconds before the online feeds, and this is becoming a big issue in the sports world and amongst fans all over the world. Therefore, one of the trending topics in the sports broadcast for 2019 will be how to overcome latency immediately.


After the shift to OTT methods, the sports world is now exposed to a high risk of piracy. This occurrence was noticed in 2018 when it was revealed that over 5 million people were illegally streaming the knockout stages for the UEFA Champions League. Digital Media companies all over the world now know for a fact that piracy is real. Users now prefer to stream sports online than watch traditional ways of the broadcast. 2019 will be a great year for more information on how piracy can affect the sports industry.

Getting There

It is amazing to see that the sports broadcasting sector is going through a fantastic phase with technology making advancements to increase the beauty of live streaming, especially when different games are in play. With this happening, OTT has become popular among users and companies all over the world as it is now a form of regulation for sports broadcasting.

Cinesport ( 해외축구중계 ) is one of the sports broadcasting companies that has talked about these trends in 2019.

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