How is Social Media Changing Sports Broadcasting?

Without a doubt, sports broadcasting is gradually changing focus from television screens to mobile phone streams as this has become the norm all over the world. 80% of people now would rather watch live matches by streaming than sit in front of a television all day. This is mainly because as they stream on their gadgets, they can do other things or talk about what they are seeing with their friends on social media. Broadcasting companies like cinesport do not have it these days because they now have to deal with lesser engagements from viewers every day. When it comes to finding out what is going on in the sports world, social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the go-to places for interested young candidates who want to be informed on the latest sports updates.

Now, there are two essential questions to ask in this situation, and they are;

Will the dropped engagements have a repercussion? And if so, how will this happen? To answer these questions, several useful tips will be given to discover how social media has impacted sports broadcasting and if it has done more harm than good.

What Relationship Exists Between Social Media Platforms & Sports Fans?

It is not news that sports broadcasting has shifted from local television broadcasts to online streaming, and this was only possible with the introduction of technology. About ten years ago, people began to shift their focus from their televisions to their phones and laptops as it was easier for them. For example, people could not take their televisions out to wherever they went to, so all they could rely on was their phones and other gadgets. By 2015, sports outlets started broadcasting on various social media platforms. This was done because sports fans were demanding that the broadcast companies engage social media platforms more, as that was the only way they could be involved. Nowadays, people would instead get information quickly as they go, rather than wait for the 7 p.m. news to hear it. This high demand left broadcasting companies no choice but to start making use of social media platforms. It is possible that in the next ten years, engagements from sports fans on social media will have increased drastically.

Sports Broadcasting Companies Adapted to the Trend?

Several popular sports broadcasting companies like Sky Sports, Cinesport ( mlb중계 ), and ESPN had no choice but to adapt to the trend of broadcasting through social media outlets. If they had in any way been stubborn and continued with the television broadcasts, they may have dissolved by now. This is how powerful online sports broadcast has become over the years. ESPN once proved stubborn, and this caused the network over 12 million subscribers over a period in 2012, and this was worth about $52 million in revenue. Another broadcasting company called Sky Sports faced a downfall of dropped viewership by 19% in 2016, and all this proved that people are more susceptible to the internet nowadays.

It is possible that in the next few years, no one will want to catch a live match on their television screens when they can do it easily with their smartphones, and this is all thanks to social media.


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