What are Ahegao hoodies?

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World is changing rapidly and fashion industry does not want to left behind. Therefore, it has been revolutionizing every day to cater the increasing expectation of customers. To keep up with the growing desires and fashion sense of yours, we have been innovating our styles and patterns. IN the same addition, we have also added ahegao hoodies under the umbrella of cool hoodies. Now the question or the thought that strikes your mind would be what are ahegao hoodies? So, let’s explore a bit about this pattern of hoodie.

Ahegao Hoodies – Ahegao is basically a Japanese term, used to represent erotic facial expressions of a girl, observed during sex and is used in pornographic animation or video games. It can easily be determined by some of the characteristics like, crossed or rolling eyes, blush on the face and usually tongue hanging out of the mouth in excitement at its peak. You can take a look at some of the erotic magna series of ahegao hoodies here.  Other word you would observe for the same expression, which is more realistic, is ikigao. Based on realiable sources, this term Ahegao is in trend since 1990s and being profoundly used in pornographic magazines to denote facial expression of a female during the pleasure time or reaching the orgasm while having sex. However, from 2000 onwards it became conventionalized to represent adult oriented stuff and got well spread amongst otaku culture in Japan.

Why ahegao Hoodies – As we stated above that time is changing and people enjoy daring unusual things, which has not been done before, and they enjoy taking on the courage to do that to keep the excitement of the life. After all we get life once only and should make the most of it in every possible way, each moment. With the same thought to surprise the community by breaking the shackles of traditional fashion wear and clothing, we have introduced this ahegao hoodies range. You would find some really awesome ahegao fashionable wear this season to enjoy and share so much of oh yeah, Ooh, aah and ouch type of facial expressions based hentai erotica hoodies. This Japanese pornography denoting magna is very stylish, bold, and takes a lot of courage to put on ahegao clothing hoodies. Ahegao expression is considered as a symbol of erotic enthusiasm and ultimate pleasure in Japan.

Check out all the options of some erotic, titillating, seductive and lustful anime characters enjoying their moments. There are both variants available, colourful and B&W to choose from. Get on with these amazing ahegao fashionables sweatshirts, full of lusty, erotic, seductive and sensuous expressions. Not only it appears good but also is elegant and comfortable to wear as well with cotton/ spandex blend of fabric used to craft them with perfection. Once you wear it, believe you me, it would be hard to take your outfit off your body because of the cosiness and freedom you get with these hoodies.

So let the positive vibes be all around you with these fantastic clothing and make yourself feel full of passion, excitement and adventure with the quality fabric and unseen prints and designs like variety of loud and pornographic gestures. If you feel shy, then you can try an ahegao hoodie that only has mouth of erotic girls shown with tongue doing the enjoyment.

All the credit for this awesome and remarkable printing goes to an advance digital printing technology, which is the best for such fabric printing jobs. It produces real like bold and beautiful images with some unforgettable moments, to be cherished for a long period of time.

You can pick and choose from patterns like clearly visible ahegao moments being enjoyed by the girls and blur ones too, if you are not feasible about wearing that ahegao hoodie in public. Explore through a whole wide range of erotic, trendy, magna and mesmerising ahegao sweatshirts. Second look is guaranteed with this style wear and a word of caution about the kind of questions that yo may encounter; where did you get this cool hoodie from? Man! You seriously have the guts to wear this in public and you might be asked by your friend to borrow it to impress someone or give a hint, you know what I mean, right. So leave people spell bound and flattered to experience the global viewpoint of the fashion industry with this attire array.

Once you have selected the hoodies for you and your friends, quickly checkout and place your order since, most of the items are limited editions; and may not be there forever. So grab your favourite now and let others wonder, where did you get it from?

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