You Should Not Use Resume Templates If You Want To Start a New Job

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When applying for a job, I always wonder why I do not receive a call for an interview after sending out my resume. Sometimes I wonder if I did not adjust my document as per the job requirements of I did not provide the hiring managers with what they are searching for in a potential candidate. Also, may it be because I write my CV using resume templates? Well, many thoughts often cross my mind as to why recruiters and potential employers do not call me up for an interview regarding my job application. Many hiring managers often spend about five to ten seconds screening resumes before they decide to read them or chuck them in the bins. Human Resource individuals, hiring managers, and recruiters read more than a hundred resumes per day, and nothing annoys them more than reading another generic resume template.

“The purpose of a resume is to stand out from other people looking for jobs or those going for an interview,” said Allen Cranston, writing expert of cv editing service ResumeThatWorks. Using a copy and paste resume template hinders people from achieving the sole objective of getting a job. Thus, instead of always wondering and asking, “Should I use a template for my resume?” I opted to look for reasons why resume templates are bad for writing a CV. Below are some of the reasons why it is not advisable to use resume templates while looking to start a new job.

Many templates out there are substandard

It is easy for an employer or hiring manager to spot a resume template. They can do it from a mile away. Writing a professional resume requires one to devote their time and effort in creating a good document. And, choosing the resume copying option is an inappropriate tactic of doing it. Forwarding such a document shows hiring managers that the approach I would use to solve problems are quick and dirty tactics. Hence, this affects my chances of receiving a call for an interview, let alone getting the position.

Similar to those of other people

Many resume templates are often sub-standard, that is they are identical to those of other people. And when I decide to submit such a document during a job application, I will be putting my chances of getting the job at risk. This is because the hiring manager will or may have read a document which corresponds to mine. Thus, this has led me to establish that many resume templates are very poor and misleading. Being in the career industry enables one to distinguish between a good resume and a bad and ugly one. So, to help other people who often ask, “Is it bad if someone will write an essay for me or use a resume template?” I chose to write my resume from scratch and seek assistance whenever I am stuck.

As a job seeker, what do you have to do?

In my experience as a job seeker, one of the questions I ought not to ask is, “Should I use a resume template?” Resume templates can mislead you when looking for a job. And if you encounter difficulties when writing your resume, never copy someone else’s work as pass it as yours. Instead, I have been looking for techniques I can embrace to learn how to create a resume on word without a template.

I search for resumes and templates in my industry from actual individuals who post their documents on public websites. I gather a few decent ones and begin reading them to get a feel for the layout, format, and language. After, I delete all my previous resumes and begin writing one from scratch. I guarantee you that this approach will be a full inspiration to other job seekers. It will help know that copying someone else’s resume is not ethical and that they ought to do it. Joel Donnelly, academic professional at, says, “Writing a resume can be exasperating. Nonetheless, it is doable for anyone, and the certainty to it is that a hiring manager will notice it.”

Why are you selling yourself short?

While seeking a job, I always tell myself that I deserve the perfect resume and not just a template I obtain from the internet. And instead of selling myself short, I chose to write my resume despite it being challenging and time-consuming. This helps me to enhance my life skills as I have the master writing skills which enable me to create a sales format and layout, which please the eye of the hiring manager or recruiter. Writing a great resume as aforementioned can be time-consuming. Nonetheless, the end product is usable throughout a career. However, it will require regular updates.

What do I do if I cannot manage?

When looking for a job, I know that I have to submit a resume for me to get a call up for an interview. Also, I know that writing a resume is hard work, and it requires a lot of effort, time, and focus. However, I do not let the thoughts of producing a good resume wear me out. Whenever I encounter difficulties while writing my resume, as aforementioned, I often look for techniques I can embrace to learn how to write my resume without using a template. I search for resumes online, read them, and gather the skills I can use on my document.

Also, I opt to try and grant my resume a complete makeover. Many people often choose to use complex words and phrases, believing it will make their resumes stand out. However, that is not an advisable tactic to embrace. I always polish and refine my resume by mashing it up, changing the spacing and fonts, throwing in some synonyms, and incorporating headers and footers. This makes my document look original and unique, thereby pass mustering with the hiring manager. Another prudent and logical technique is use is seeking assistance from a professional resume writer and ask them to write a new and original document for me.

In conclusion, writing a resume can be difficult and time-consuming. This can prompt any job seeker to use a resume template to apply for a job. Some may ask, “Are resume templates bad?” Resume templates inhibit one from standing out and contribute to you never receiving a call for an interview. So, what I would advise is that you take responsibility for your efforts to get a job. Invest time in drafting an original and unique document which sells your personality in an effective manner. Also, you need to put yourself in the lead or front position for the next job. And, on the basis of the tips above, should you use a resume template?

Author’s bio: Allen Cranston is an analyst and resume writer. Allen committed to helping talented professionals show the world what he is truly capable of. Since launching in 2012, Allen has helped over 4,000 job applicants land their dream jobs for He is constantly looking for new ways to help people achieve their career goals.

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