8 of the Most Expensive Kid Toys, Action Figures, and Collectibles

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Calling all 90s kids!

Did you ever regret getting rid of the beanie babies in your attic?

You had some near-perfect condition fellas with intact tags and minimal wear and tear. But when you were purging your belongings, you put them in the “donate” pile and moved on without a second thought.

Don’t be too upset.

Although some collectors post them on eBay in the $660,000 range (yes — you read that correctly), the inflated number is all hype. Those same high-priced babies are actually getting sold for low amounts like $4, $17, and $135.

So, what are the most expensive kid toys?

We’re glad you asked. Thinking about the beanie baby craze of the 90s had us wondering what other jaw-dropping numbers are out there. And let us say — there is no lack of them.

Here are some of the priciest collectibles, toys, and action figures you can find on the market right now. Get out your wallets and keep reading!

1. The Diamond Barbies

Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi created these Barbies as any jeweler would — decked out in ice. Perhaps what’s so expensive about this Barbie isn’t the doll itself, but rather, the 1-carat pink diamond necklace she’s sporting.

If you happened to get your hands on one of these, they’re now selling for a whopping $302,000 apiece.

We hope these didn’t end up as hand-me-downs. And if so, you may want to reach out to your cousin and see if they wouldn’t mind giving it back. You know, for research purposes.

2. The L’Oiseleur Doll

L’Oiseleur, or Bird Trainer, is arguably the world’s most expensive doll out there right now. This porcelain figurine has a price tag of $6.25 million!

What makes this flute-playing, sword-baring, renaissance-era figure so expensive?

She comes with 2,340 parts — no easy feat when constructing a tiny doll! Operate these parts with gears and see her in all her glory. 

Read more about these figures here.

3. An Indiana Jones Action Figure

All right, let’s bring it down to earth.

This Indiana Jones figure, while worth some cash, proves to be a little more humble than the previous two.

A mint condition Raiders of the Lost Ark figure, in its box, is going for about $1,000. The Kenner brand debuted this poseable, articulated figure in the early 80s. It’s been growing in value ever since.

4. A Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Speaking of expensive action figures by Kenner. . .

We all know how popular Star Wars continues to be. The franchise itself is worth some big money, with experts valuing it at anywhere from $27-42 billion.

Kenner released a considerable haul of Star Wars figurines, including some limited edition guys. The term “limited edition” is what’s important here, as this figure’s rareness contributes to its high price tag.

If you happened to get your hands on the one-of-twenty Luke Skywalker figurine back in the day, you could potentially have an extra $25,000 in the bank right now.

5. The Royal Blue “Peanut” Beanie Baby

Okay, we couldn’t mention beanie babies without at least throwing one on the list. This one sells for the more reasonable price of $5,000 — if your buyers are willing to fork over the cash.

This royal blue elephant was a manufacturer mistake. Its color came out a shade darker than intended but was caught in time only to have created around 2,000 babies.

Once again, it shows that limited productions contribute to big dollars.

6. An FAO Schwarz Bejeweled Furby

You remember these guys, right?

The cute-but-creepy dolls that look like a cross between an owl and a rabbit? The ones that cooed at you in English but spoke Furbish behind your back?

Yeah, those guys. Well, some were created as limited editions, earning them that high value we’ve discussed. One such jeweled Furby is worth an astounding $100,000.

The FAO Schwarz Bejeweled Furby was one of five released in 1999. This proved to be the most expensive Furby on the market, featuring extras such as removable jewels and 18k gold. It even has 156 genuine gemstones, including anything from diamonds and rubies to sapphires and emeralds.

What kid was playing with that!? That’s what we want to know.

7. The MacGyver Action Figure Toy

MacGyver was a popular TV show character from the 80s. He had a reputation for fixing things with whatever was around him. That’s earned him a phrase (“let’s MacGyver this broken bike back together!”) and high-dollar value.

If you happened to have one of these plastic toys, released in ’93, you could be sitting on almost $600. If you managed to get more than one, you could have an eBay empire on your hands.

8. The Original G.I. Joe Prototype

We’re not talking about anything other than the prototype here. That’s what makes this G.I. Joe figurine worth so much money. 

This prototype, created by Don Levine in 1963, was never actually sold in stores! That’s what makes it worth an incredible $200,000. Rather than perusing the aisles to find him, you had to win him at an auction. 

This figurine is historic for many reasons — one of them being that it was the world’s first action figure. It was also the first one ever marketed to boys. 

Do You Own Any of the Most Expensive Kid Toys?

If so, you could be looking at a pretty penny in your near future! With the right luck and customers, you could make out for having kept some old-school figurines around. This is not an argument for hoarding — or is it?

With some of the most expensive kid toys in your closet, you could send your own off to college, buy yourself a jet, or retreat to a private island. Or you could keep it around and see how the value continues to grow with time!

Check out the “Gaming” tab of our blog to see what’s trending now — because you never know what games could be worth in the future!

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