The Beginner’s Guide to Paper Packaging Trends

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The field of application for paper packaging can be described as ubiquitous. As long as there are products, paper packaging must exist, and the value of existence is relatively high. we can apply this basic field and lead to many other fields. The development trend of paper products is so obvious; it will develop in some new directions.

The following are the development characteristics and trends of new materials models for paper and cardboard packaging:

1. Comprehensive application of various related new technologies (such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials) to continuously optimize the entire production system.

2. It is becoming highly subject to increasingly stringent environmental and health standards.

3. The development from single-sheet paper to the web, from single machine to online joint production, to achieve the supply of entire sets of equipment.

4. The development from single-layer materials to multilayer materials.

5. Combined application of offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing methods. Flexo printing will grow in the fastest way.

During the process of paper packaging, basic production process is often applied. We should grasp the essence of how to carry out its production. At the same time, due to the fact that the post-printing process is getting more scientific and applicable, the packaging performance and effect have changed significantly. For example, the waxing and laminating process in the past packaging surface treatment has gradually been replaced by surface glue, and the anti-counterfeiting packaging manufacturing process has been turned from partial printing or production to integral large-area printing and production anti-counterfeiting. At present, the pre-press and post-press computer technology of packaging and printing, the upgrading of production factors by new equipment, and the innovation of post-press processing technology, all these have directed the post-press processing field to form a new industrial structure of packaging and printing industry.

The key factors that determine the development of paper packaging products mainly include the following ten points.

  • Research on key technologies and new equipment for packaging and decoration printing
  • Systematic and intelligent research on paper packaging design
  • Research and development of key technologies and major equipment for paper packaging materials manufacturing
  • Research and development of paper packaging containers
  • Paper packaging technology integration and application research
  • Paper product packaging machinery development and research
  • Research on safeguard technology and system integration
  • Household appliance packaging technology and transportation packaging research
  • Paper Research on key technologies and equipment for recycling of packaging materials and containers
  • Research on military commodity packaging technology.

Paper packaging will become more and more high-tech, high life rhythm, high design pattern, different style characteristics, and with new functional features. All these will make our life better and better, new functional carton is also an overall demand direction for the future.

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