How to Tell When a Front Door Replacement Is Due

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Besides energy savings and curb appeal, there many other signs that show that it is time for a front door replacement. These include security and accessibility.

For most homeowners, a typical workday begins and ends in the garage. No one uses the front door as much anymore. Garage entries and side doors have become the staple entry points to a home. Doors are often ignored whenever ways of saving energy and adding a home value and aesthetics are brought up. Windows take center space, but a door replacement is as necessary. That staircase or foyer that leads directly to your front door could be part of the reason why your energy bills are so high.

Signs that a door replacement is due

Besides energy savings and curb appeal, there many other reasons that necessitate a door change. One of the most common and is probably the reason everyone is using that side door, is a malfunctioning door. No one wants to have a workout every morning and evening when getting in or out of the house.

Doors show their real character in the distress of winter. The door might stick and refuse to bulge. Come summer it’s all hanky dory. This a significant issue, because in the cold of winter, a sticking door signifies energy rushing out of your door. If you can see the light through the sides of your door, while it’s closed, the air is flowing freely in and out of those spaces. You need a door replacement.

If your door has more rust and dings than your neighbor’s old truck, then it is time for it to go. Rust, hints at a lack of structural integrity.  This problem is what shows up as dents and dings. A structurally weak door will dent when minor physical force is directed at it. This could be anything as simple as the kick your teenage son gave it while getting through the door.

If the door easily dents, it means that it is not strong enough to protect your household from burglars. The rust also signals that your wooden doorframe could be exposed to moisture as well. This moisture could eventually encourage the growth of mold or mildew. It could also bring insects that will do more damage.

Other good reasons to purchase that new door

Your good old solid wooden door has a life span. Doors take a lot of abuse over time, and extreme temperature variations alter them. The expansion and contractions may cause them to warp and weather. This can cause a stress fracture, which undermines security.

One other good reason to do a door replacement is to stop that annoying habit of placing a stuffed towel under it.  It will save you the effort and money in bills as well. Lastly, if your visitors have paid you compliments over the retro door, that you no idea you had, the door’s time is up. Aesthetics matter, and if you are going to sell, the front door speaks tons about the house.

Factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a new door

  • The aesthetics
    Take the door replacement as an opportunity to refresh your home’s look. Choose a unique door style or work on the front porch to create a new attractive focal point for your home.
  • Security
    A fiberglass or steel door is more burglar safe than a wooden door. They are also more tamperproof and better at energy efficiency.
  • Technology
    If you need a tracker to find your front door key, it’s time to let technology in. New lock systems just need a code, and you are in.
  • Accessibility
    Your front door should be easy to access whether your hands are free, pushing a baby stroller or on a wheelchair. A life change should not make it accessibility difficult.

A new door will lower your bills, and give you a quieter home. It will also cut down on maintenance and enhance the curb appeal.

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