Exploring The Pacific Coast Highway By Motorcycle

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Taking a motorbike trip along the California Pacific Coast Highway is an essential experience for any motorcyclist. Running from San Francisco to Los Angeles, this famous route spans a whopping 659 miles in total and can be either explored partially or in its entirety. On the road, you’ll pass through metropolitan cities with plenty of cultural and historic attractions, as well as charming small coastal towns. However, it’s the endless scenic views of spectacular mountains, dense forests, beautiful beaches, and open skies that make the Pacific Coast Highway a route of unparalleled beauty.

Finding the right motorbike

Before embarking on your trip, it’s important to have a motorcycle suitable for a long distance ride. Automatic motorcycles, in particular, are easy to drive and eliminate the hassle of shifting gears. The Honda Goldwing and Harley Davidson Electra Glide are two examples of motorbikes great for longer rides. They’ll keep you in an upright position, so you won’t end up straining your back after hours on the road. They also have plenty of storage room for cargo. It’s also essential your motorcycle is in great condition for your trip. Make sure you repair any damage and replace worn tires, brake pads, and cables before you leave.

Personalizing your dirt bike can also add to the overall comfort and enjoyment of your long-distance ride. Adding custom seats, handlebars, and other accessories can make a big difference in your riding experience. Make sure to also consider the weight and distribution of any added items to maintain the balance and safety of your bike.

San Francisco to Monterey

You’ll start off in San Francisco and take a drive over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge for the beautiful ocean views. Stop off at the Welcome Center to learn about the bridge’s colorful history. Next, head to Half Moon Bay, a nearby small coastal town with plenty of beautiful beaches. Go for lunch at the Flying Fish Bar & Grill — the salmon BLT or crab grilled cheese are customer favorites. When you’re back on the road again, you’ll soon come across the famous Bixby Creek Bridge in Monterey. Make sure you pull over at the various turnouts to take in the stunning views and catch glimpses of the sea otters, sea birds, harbor seals, jellyfish, and perhaps even whales. Monterey also has a good choice of hotels if you’re looking for an overnight stay.

San Simeon to LA 

As you continue driving along the coast, you’ll reach San Simeon, a popular tourist attraction famous for Hearst Castle. Take your time cruising along the highway and taking in the spectacular ocean vistas. It then won’t be long before you start to see the large, iconic Morro Rock in the distance. This means you’ll soon be in the charming seaside town of Morro Bay. Morro Rock is a must-see landmark here — it’s actually an impressive 481 ft. volcanic plug. Once you’re back on the road again, carry onto Santa Barbara, a beautiful seaside city packed with cultural and historical attractions. While you’re there, visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and grab a bite to eat at East Beach Tacos for great Mexican food.

Los Angeles is the last stop on this route. Ride along the coast until you reach Santa Monica Pier. Stopping by the Ferris Wheel to watch the sunset will be the perfect end to your motorcycle trip.

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