Top 10 Destinations You’ll Regret Not Visiting on Your Deathbed

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Our world is full of wonders. The stunning nature, magnificent feats of human ingenuity, diverse cultures – there are many mind-blowing things for you to explore. It’s virtually impossible for a single person to comprehend or experience all the natural wonders, peoples, cultures, ancient relics, and modern architectural wonders that exist in this world.

Given the plethora of stunning places, choosing one to visit can be a difficult proposition. Typically, there are factors you’ll have to consider when making your decision. Some of them include the financial cost of visiting the destination, the duration of your stay, the distance to the destination from your current location, the level of socio-political stability in the region, etc..    

If you’re looking to get away from the stress of work or academic life (e.g. lectures, tests, exams, and numerous assignments some of which require you to look for an apa citation generator), there are places you just can’t ignore. Below, we present a list of ten such destinations.

1. London

London, the capital city of England, is an iconic city known for so many things. With a history dating back to the Roman era, this diverse and multicultural megapolis has a lot of world-famous physical attractions, such as the London Eye, Big Ben, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Museum of London, Madame Tussauds, and Trafalgar Square.

Known as the financial capital of Europe, London is home to numerous banking and financial institutions located in a district called the City of London ( or “The City” for short). Unsurprisingly, the cost of living in London is high, so you should have enough money to go there. Alternatively, you may arrange for more affordable accommodation in a satellite town around London.

2. Las Vegas

‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. You have probably heard that saying before. Las Vegas, the largest city Nevada is the place that saying refers to. It’s a major resort city with a massive hospitality industry featuring shopping malls, and amusement parks. It’s most famous for its luxurious hotels and mega-casinos that provide their visitors with an opportunity to indulge in legal gambling and related activities. The majority of the said entertainment centers are located along the Las Vegas strip.

With its bustling nightlife, it’s not hard to see why the city is a major tourist destination which attracted 42 million visitors in 2018.

3. Dubai

Dubai, the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, is a sprawling megapolis that grew out of a small fishing village.

The city is known for its impressive modern architecture, such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, Dubai Mall, other grand city projects like the Palm Jumeirah (a palm tree-shaped waterfront land area reclaimed from the sea) and World Islands. It also holds numerous world records you may want to see for yourself.

4. Egypt

Located in northeastern Africa, Egypt is a country known for its rich and ancient history. The ancient Egyptian civilization was one of the most advanced and prosperous ever known to mankind. Some of its world-famous tourist attractions include the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Luxor’s Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings, Alexandria, Cairo’s Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, and Abydos’ Temple of Osiris.

5. Paris

The capital city of France, Paris is fondly known as the ‘City of Love’ for being a romantic destination for lovers and newlywed couples. Some of its most popular landmarks and tourist attractions include the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, and Pompidou Centre. Sadly, owing to its forbiddingly high cost of living, Paris is also notorious for consistently being among the top 3 most expensive cities to live in.

6. Thailand

This southeastern Asian country is known for being an affordable vacation destination for holidaymakers from around the world. Its major attractions include tropical beaches, nightlife, and lively streets, ancient ruins, and religious temples associated with Buddhism. Thailand’s most popular tourist cities include Bangkok (the capital city), Pattaya, and Phuket.

7. Kenya

Located in East Africa, Kenya is a major tourist destination in sub-Saharan Africa. The country is known for one of its main local tribes, the Masai, and the Masai Mara, a massive wildlife reserve. Nairobi, its capital, and Mombasa are the country’s two largest cities. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi is the country’s main airport.

8. Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a metropolitan city known for its architecture, art, culture and a history spanning nearly 3,000 years. Ancient Rome was famous for its economic and military dominance. Popular attractions to see in Rome include the Colosseum, Vatican City, Piazza Navona, and Castel Sant’Angelo. The city is also known for being a major fashion hub. It hosts the headquarters of such high-end fashion brands as Valentino, Fendi, and Bulgari.

9. Tanzania

Thanks to its vast wilderness ‘the Serengeti’, this southern African country is a popular destination for tourists looking to see the Victoria Falls and experience wildlife in their natural environment. Safari tours are a major part of the country’s tourism industry.

10. India

Located in South Asia, India is the seventh largest country in the world by geographical size. Having a population of more than 1.2 billion people, it’s the second most populous country on Earth after China. It is also the world’s largest democracy.

India has a rich history which is largely shaped by millennia-old traditional religious beliefs. Some of the major religions practiced there include Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, and Christianity. But why is it such a great place to visit? The country is well known for its colorful religious holidays and festivals, traditional garments like the Sari, and its film-making industry known as Bollywood.

The country has a large number of tourist attractions and historical landmarks, such as the Taj Mahal, Ganges River, Red Fort, and Brihadishwara Temple. Also, it is an affordable place to visit thanks to the low cost of living. Even in big cities, you can find relatively cheap accommodation, transportation and other necessities of life.

To sum up, you may have other places in mind that you think should make the top 10 list. You might even have been to one or more destinations listed above. However, like most other thrill-seeking travelers, you’re excited to see how much more fun and eye-opening experiences you can get by visiting a few other places. Hopefully, the above list proves helpful in identifying your next destination.

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