Is It Safe To Travel With Vaping Marijuana?

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You arrive at the airport and remember that you are carrying a vaporizer. The device may not have marijuana, but it definitely has residue from your previous vaping session. So, you queue wondering whether you will really make it. Almost every marijuana enthusiast that travels more often has been in this situation.

So, is it safe to travel with vaping marijuana? Well, it depends on several factors including where you are traveling to and who is in charge. For instance, you may carry a vaping device when traveling to Denver, Colorado. However, the invention should not have marijuana residue. Upon arrival, avoid using the device in public.

When leaving, don’t carry marijuana at the airport. Although it’s not a law, it’s an airport rule. You will most likely be fined if caught with weed whose amount is not more than one ounce. The airport authority will alert the police, but you won’t be arrested.

Carrying Marijuana Vaporizer and E-Liquid While Flying

Just like a traditional cigarette, you are allowed to carry a vaping device while flying. However, you are not allowed to use an electronic cigarette or vape during a flight. As such, you can carry a vaping device while traveling but you have to be careful about where and when to use it.

There are different guidelines for vaping liquid and vaping devices. Therefore, find out what you are allowed to carry from the airline that you intend to use when traveling. There are also varying guidelines in terms of packing vaping accessories in checked luggage and carry on. As such, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with these rules to ensure that your vaping accessories are not confiscated.

For instance, travelers are allowed to pack e-cigarettes in carry-on bags when flying. Actually, the TSA requires travelers to pack e-cigarettes in their carry-on luggage rather than checked bags. However, always remember that you are not allowed to vape onboard the plane.

Also, remember that you are strictly not allowed to pack a marijuana vape pen in your checked luggage. That’s because the batteries of the devices increase the risk of the plane catching fire. This is the case for all electronic cigarettes and even smaller devices.

Therefore, have this in mind when traveling just in case your airline decides to check the carryon at the gate. Remove your vape before you hand over your bag.

Since vaping liquid is considered a liquid, normal liquid security rules must be followed when flying. As such, bring your vaping liquid in the carryon and ensure that the container is not more than 100 ml or 3.4 ounces. It should also fit in a 1-quart clear zip bag for liquids. When carrying an amount more substantional than this, pack it in a checked suitcase.

The FAA and TSA

TSA may stop you for marijuana possession. In most cases, marijuana is just discarded before a flight. What’s more, no arrests are made, and travelers are not fined. But, the FAA has a different view of vaporizer weed (learn more here).

According to the FAA, vaping devices are powered by batteries. They also come with a heating element that is responsible for vaporizing the liquid. Although the international regulations or the U.S does not prohibit them individually in the checked luggage, the FAA recommends carrying them in the cabin only.

It, however, recommends that travelers check the policies of their airlines because there may be additional restrictions in place. Additionally, these devices should not be charged or used on an aircraft. And, when the carryon bag is being checked at the planeside or gate, vaping devices and lithium batteries should be removed and stored in the plane cabin.

Tips for Safe Flying with Vaping Marijuana

To ensure your safety when flying with vaping marijuana follow these tips:

  • Pack your weed vaporizer in the carryon.
  • Don’t use or charge your vape during the flight.
  • Disconnect its battery to prevent the possibility of turning the vape on accidentally.
  • Check with your airline to understand its rule on flying with marijuana vaping devices.
  • Avoid flying with weed at all cost.
  • Clean your vape thoroughly before flying

Always research the laws and rules of the country where you are going to even if vaping marijuana is legal in your country. This will enable you to avoid having your expensive vaping device confiscated or being slapped with a hefty fine.

Vaping Marijuana while Driving

Perhaps, you want to vape marijuana during a road trip. Well, this may not be a good idea if you are the one to drive. Driving when high on marijuana is impaired driving. This means using marijuana affects your safe driving ability significantly.

Impaired driving is among the major causes of deaths and injuries in America. A drug-impaired driving offense is committed every three hours in Canada. Most people believe that driving drunk is worse than using drugs like marijuana while driving. However, many road crashes have led to deaths of people that operate under the influence of drugs like marijuana.

Research indicates that individuals that drive in an hour of consuming marijuana might be almost two times likely to have a car accident when compared to non-consumers of marijuana. Therefore, it’s not safe to drive while vaping marijuana because marijuana affects the ability to make sober decisions and react appropriately. This increases the chances of being involved in a road accident.

It’s recommended that motorists wait for at least 8 hours of experiencing a high or euphoria, 6 hours after ingesting marijuana orally, and 4 hours after inhaling marijuana before driving.

Again, the laws and rules that govern vaping while driving varies from one country or state to another. For instance, there are regulations for driving under marijuana influence even in the American states where marijuana use is legal. In some areas, there are zero tolerance laws that make driving with THC at any level in the blood illegal. In other states, there are limits for THC levels in the drivers’ blood.

The Bottom Line

Whether vaping marijuana when traveling is safe or not depends on where you are going, the authorities, as well as how you pack your cannabis vaporizer and related accessories. But, the most important thing is to do your homework before you travel. Familiarize yourself with the laws and rules that govern vaping at your travel destination and the regulations of your airline.

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