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Of all the unique e-commerce brands that have been springing up, is the amazing brand dedicated to Eyewear and care known as Abella Eyewear. If you are a 90s kid or above, you are probably lost on what brand that is. However, Abella Eyewear is quickly becoming one of the top sites for eyewear products and services. The company may be about 12 months old, but it already has such massive following with people recognizing their quality and fair pricing. It is not entirely surprising as the company has been able to leverage the many years of marketing experience of the founder – Josh MacDonald and his three other partners.

You are most likely used to the era when quality eyewear cost a fortune. Whether to correct an eye defect or for aesthetic and sunshade reasons, the quality ones have always been on the pricey side. Brands like Oakley, Rayban owned by Luxottica have been synonymous with the phrase luxury eyewear, but then the 2000s have come with brands like Abella Eyewear, is not just inexpensive, but also high quality.

The team behind the brand has come out to talk about their plans for the year geared towards the 2019 season which is to ensure a unified quality in the production of their eyewear. Only one factory would be utilized going forward in order to achieve the desired quality. While we are not too sure where this factory is situated, the products are evidence of the quality and the much work infused into production. For instance, Luxottica’s factory is located in China to cut cost on production before the products are shipped to Italy to be packaged and branded – “Made In Italy.”

As Novel as Abella Eyewear might be, the brand is already getting competition which shows that they are doing something right. From their social media platforms and relationship with brand influencers, they seem to have been parting the way for other smaller businesses to follow. This even extends to their website and review sites. However, some of them forget to focus on one of the critical qualities of the Abella Eyewear brand, which is – Quality. Without quality, all the marketing gymnastics might yield initial purchase but never a repurchase and never good reviews.

At Abella Eyewear, not only are quality and pricing prioritized, they make sure to give customers and potential customers a wholesome experience when shopping with them. It goes beyond the product to the seamless logistics put in place to ensure that the right package is delivered without wear or damage to the rightful recipient and just in time as scheduled.

Despite the challenges that new businesses face in a time like this, the year is looking bright for the company, as the co-founder – Josh MacDonald has stated enthusiastically and confidently that they would be selling over 300,000 pairs. With all the work put into designing every one of their products and with the marketing tactics in place, summer is gladly being welcomed with a splash of Abella Eyewear everywhere.

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