Author, Coach, and International Speaker, Kary Oberbrunner Is the Man behind over One Million Ignited Souls

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Most people are scared to become who they were born to be. It’s much easier to hide in the shadows of mediocrity. The darkness seduces people to play it safe and settle for average. But there is a growing movement of people stepping into the light, breaking free, and embracing their destinies. 

Kary Oberbrunner lives out this mission every day. As an author, coach, and international speaker, he helps individuals and organizations find their true identity (with his book—Your Secret Name), the purpose of their existence (with his book—The Deeper Path), and where they should invest their time and energy (with his book—Day Job to Dream Job).   

The Wisconsin native is the CEO of Redeem the Day, Igniting Souls, and Author Academy Elite. Each of these brands is dedicated to equipping people to identify their gifts and take their potential to the highest vistas of achievement. Kary has authored eight books in varied genres and coached thousands of authors between the ages of 9 to 85 to successfully write, publish, and market their stories the correct way. 

Oberbrunner says, “The area of our deepest pain is often the area of our greatest impact.” He knows this firsthand. As a young child, he struggled with a speech disorder and, later on, addiction to self-injury. Pushing through this pain and choosing the path of self-manifestation over self-sabotage gave his message an authentic edge. That message is giving his audience the hope and clarity they need to experience their own breakthrough.

Besides being an author and a publisher, he and his business partner, David Branderhorst, have also founded the Author Academy Awards to felicitate literary merits and publishing excellence. His authors have written many bestselling books across a variety of genres, languages, and geographical locations. 

Oberbrunner exposes the alarming symptoms that indicate serious threats to the human workforce. More than 70 percent of American workers are facing stress-related illness, 71 percent are disengaged or actively disengaged, 86 percent are seeking new job opportunities, 33 percent show an increase in heart attack cases, and 34 percent are experiencing exhaustion in their jobs. Oberbrunner feels an urgency to share his message

Through his coaching programs, he has ignited over one million souls. Many clients have converted their hobbies and side hustles into successful businesses, transforming from unhappy employees to much more content and passionate individuals.

Kary Oberbrunner lives out a multi-faceted mission. On the one hand, he helps people who have a story inside them to write and publish their books. On the other hand, he teaches people to come out of the monotony and mediocrity of their jobs to pursue their real passions. This movement is gaining traction and changing the world—one soul on fire at a time.

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