The Inspiring Story Of Matthias Mende a.k.a. Sheikh Mende

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In the current world that we live in, there are billionaires and successful businessmen, and then there is Matthias Mende. Not because he is the wealthiest man alive or how savvy of a businessman he is, but because of how interesting his success story has turned out to be. We can refer to him as a technologically advanced businessman who deploys the smart use of technology to execute his business ideas which have earned him wins for himself and his clients through the years.

The Back Story

Well, Mende did not just get dropped on the face of the earth, it began in faraway Germany where he was born, and like every kid, was getting fascinated with toys such as Commodore 64, Nintendo, and Sega. Then much later, explored with a PC.

All Fun And Games Until A Business Was Birthed

Exploring the seemingly playthings from his early years was not just for fun, as he started monetizing his love for these gadgets when he began selling modified hardware parts on eBay as a teenager. He was smart enough to register his business under the name 2fastConcepts. A name inspired by the movie – Fast and Furious. The specialty of the brand was trading car parts and customizing cars.

Moving To Dubai

By the time he was 21, he was yet again inspired to ship one of his customized Mercedes Benz to Dubai after watching his uncle’s Dubai vacation videos and how the country is known for luxury cars. As novel and exciting as this idea was, it was equally challenging, especially at that age, to get the paperwork and contracts done. Despite getting them done, he lost quite a lot, but he did not give up. He instead banked on his marketing skills to rebuild his business at the new location.


He did not stop at just trying to sell customized cars, but diversified and founded a social media agency called MEMMOS which caters to companies trying to get some market share in the Emirates. Soon, he was made the Chief Strategist for the blockchain tech development company called Block Gemini. He saw the future and utilized this opportunity which has paid off. For instance, in 2018, he got awarded as the Best Crypto influencer at the Satoshi United Crypto conference in Singapore.

Mendes Private Life

As much as we like to enunciate his business life, and how he started from such a young age to become such a successful businessman as summarized on his LinkedIn page: Matthias Sheikh Mende, his life outside his business is also equally impressive. He is not just a workaholic but knows how to have a good time by socializing with people in the helms of power, both in the government and tech industry. He also indulges in several travels which are evident from his Instagram page: @SheikhMende.

In summary, Matthias Mende is one businessman that other people in business want to be. He is not just skilled in cryptocurrency investment advisory, social media marketing, and spare parts selling. He is a family man and a travel lover who is open to learning and trying new things daily.

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