Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

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Relationships are part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Whether someone is an acquaintance or a romantic partner, healthy relationships improve daily living. When things go wrong, however, unhealthy relationships can cause stress and worry. Learn how to identify a good relationship and avoid bad ones.

What Makes a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship should be based on trust, honesty, mutual respect and support. People who lie or disregard the feelings of their partners undermine relationships quickly. Other hallmarks of an enduring romance or friendship include:

  • Good communication
  • Separate identities
  • Fairness and equality
  • A sense of playfulness

 Each relationship is likely to have healthy and unhealthy elements. Relationships require maintenance and attention to maintain momentum whether they’re familial, romantic partnerships or friendships.

How to Recognize a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship brings more happiness than stress. Although even casual acquaintances can stress you out at times, constant stress and disagreements in a long-term relationship are red flags. Here are some characteristics that will help you spot great relationships:

  • Partners that take care of themselves and have an identity outside of the relationship
  • Respect for a partner’s individuality
  • Maintain healthy relationships with friends and family
  • Feelings of security and comfort around the other person
  • Allow other relationships
  • No violence in the relationship
  • Trust each other and be honest with each other

It’s vital to have a sense of privacy in a relationship so that each partner respects the other’s space and outside interest. Relationships require flexibility and understanding. Therefore, partners should attempt to resolve conflicts fairly. Some disagreement is natural but it makes a big difference how conflict is handled. 

Getting Help in Developing Good Relationships

Everyone knows one married couple that inspires others with their positivity and devotion to one another. You may have even wondered how to get that happiness for yourself. If you have been looking for a long time, maybe it’s time to get help. Companies that specialize in matchmaking or relationship management, such as Kelleher International, may help you meet people and provide coaching on developing great connections with other people.

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

At times, all relationships develop some negativity. Here are some signs that your relationship may need some work:

  • One partner ignores their own needs to take care of the other.
  • You change your personality to please the other person
  • One partner begins to neglect other friends and family

If you have to account for your whereabouts at all times, you may be in an unhealthy relationship. When one partner doesn’t want to have sex but feels forced to anyway, that’s bordering on abuse.

To break free of unhealthy relationships, it’s often necessary to leave to give yourself time to heal–and eventually start over with a more suitable partner.

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