5 Essential Things To Know About Living Wills

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A living will is a legal document providing instructions concerning end-of-life medical care and treatment. It is beneficial for patients who are down with some severe ailment with little or no hope for recovery. In such circumstances, especially when the patient is unable to communicate their wishes to the doctor or other healthcare providers, the living will come to the rescue. It helps medical practitioners make the patient’s preferred decision as stated. It covers such severe circumstances as life support, resuscitation and so on. Usually, this document is prepared in consultation with the attorney, one’s family members, doctor, and other such concerned parties. Anyone who is above 18 years can make a living will. The following are essential things you should note about having a living will.

An Advance Directive

A living will is also known as an advance directive. One needs not to be seriously sick to make a living will. You can make a living will any time you want and can regularly update your preferences as the years go by. A living will comes into effect once a person is deemed incapable of making such health decisions according to state laws.

Avoidance of Confusion

As a result of the specificity of terms in the living will, confusion can be avoided. Doctors have often been at crossroads concerning what to do to a severely I’ll patient who cannot make their own decisions. But that was until the innovation of the living will come about.

Medical Power of Attorney

No matter how specific a living will is, it cannot cover absolutely all areas. This is why it works best with the Medical/Health Care Power of Attorney. This condition places the power of decision making as regards one’s health in the hands of a trusted person, usually a family member (especially one’s spouse). This power is granted, whenever the person is in a life-threatening condition and cannot make their choices, the trusted person with this right takes the decisions on their behalf. This helps to cover whatever loophole there is in the living will adequately.

Online Living Wills

Online living wills are an innovative approach to generating living wills for clients. Various providers offer this service to clients for a fee, and it is fast gaining a lot of popularity. There are some advantages to having an online living will. Compared to traditional living wills, online living wills, being digital can be created very quickly and easily. There is even little or no need for physical contact. Besides, you can easily update it whenever you want. Wherever you are, and whenever, a digital living will host online is available to doctors and service providers at every point of need.

Choosing a Provider

Before you create a living will, especially if it’s a personalized digital living will online, ensure that the service provider is trustworthy and is up-to-date with legal requirements in that regard. You don’t want to run into trouble in your search for convenience. For a traditional living will, your attorney would be able to help you with that. And ensure you consult with your family and doctor before and after doing so, and when you want to update it too.

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