Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen Moves from Los Angeles to Bring a Championship to Citi Field

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Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen
Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen. Source: NY Post

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has built a stellar reputation for his advanced sports management skills by closing some of the biggest contracts in sports history. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the sports industry including Tim Tebow, Ryan Zimmerman, Robinson Cano, and more. In 2018 news broke that he was planning a move to New York in order to fulfill management duties for the Mets. The news got many Mets fans excited as Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen can bring his long list of accolades to the team’s inner workings.

Citi Field is an iconic New York baseball park that has been around for a decade, the New York Mets GM Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has plans on making the stadium a world-renowned arena for baseball. Van Wagenen worked at the Creative Artists Agency for a number of years in the baseball division which led to him becoming the respected businessman that he is today.

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen
Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen. Source: New York Post”

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen is a very iconic sports manager due to the fact he began his career working with the famous 1996 Chicago Bulls Championship team through the years of 1996—1997. Van Wagenen making the move to the New York Mets is very big for his career and it will allow him to expand his brand even further throughout the sports management industry. Van Wagenen has long been a part of the New York Mets media conferences when he worked for Todd Frazier as a news contractor.

In 2016, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen helped New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes score the biggest contract in history for an outfielder with a 3-year deal valued at $75 million dollars. Van Wagenen also has his hands in the corporate and administrative aspect of the baseball industry which has helped the business conduct deals in a total of $2.5 billion dollars. Van Wagenen is the perfect choice to become the New York Mets general manager as many of his previous clients talk about his ability to connect with people on a personal level.

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen
Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen. Source: NY Post

MLB reporter Ken Rosenthall has followed Van Wagenen for a long time.  He has been on top of all the latest news developments surrounding Van Wagenen becoming the New York Mets new general manager. Last year, Ken Rosenthall reported the news about Jacob deGrom’s future with the New York Mets because, at the time, Van Wagenen was his manager. After leaving behind such a powerful legacy behind in Los Angeles, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen is sure to bring his sports insight to the New York Mets in hopes of making the team a top competitor in this year’s MLB championships.

While there are many New York Mets fans who love the thought of Van Wagenen being the new GM, others have not taken so kindly to the news. He addressed the people who are not so fond of his presence in the New York at his introductory news conference which was hosted at Citi Field. Brodie Ryan Ken Van Wagenen stated that while he understands he is not the “path of least resistance” when it comes to managing the team, he still believes in his ability to bring great growth and advancements to the New York Mets. With such a verified history and nothing to prove, you can expect Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen to continue his sports management winning streak with the New York Mets in the upcoming season.

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