Guide to Jamaica: Tips for Traveling and Visiting Jamaica

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You can never get tired of experiencing Jamaica, all over again. It is, without a doubt, one of the most exceptional places to visit.

Jamaica is a country that embodies a laid back lifestyle into a culture, and that resonates with most people.

The soft reggae tunes are the soundtrack of the Caribbean island.

The following tips will prove useful when traveling and visiting Jamaica. Try them, and you will live to talk about the legend that is Jamaica. All these tips were courtesy of Jamaica Hotel Review. Visit their website for the Jamaica travel guide.

Try the Local Food Staples

You can never say that you have been to Jamaica without trying the famous jerk chicken. The exceptionally prepared spices and well-balanced components create a taste experience that is unlike anything else. You will finally discover why jerk chicken has a reputation in Jamaica.

You should also try the beef, chicken, and vegetable patties that create a refreshing taste that both food enthusiasts and others love. You can down the delicacies with the red stripe beer and meditate upon the resulting great flavors.

Experience the Waterfalls

Someone said that waterfalls embody the spirit of Mother Nature. You should not restrict yourself to the beaches and resorts, but venture downstream and experience the sounds and sights of Jamaican waterfalls.

Some of the favorites include YS Falls and Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is especially the country’s jewel.

Get a Local expert and Step out

No doubt most of the Jamaican resorts have great services and various fun activities. However, they can never be as much fun as stepping out and experiencing the real Jamaica.

You are going to need a local expert to help you navigate through the various sites and places. Therefore, strap on your boots and go on an adventure and see the real Jamaica and experience its exceptional nature. For example, the water activities in Montego Bay are so much satisfying.

Learn the Culture and, of course, the Language

A vacation in Jamaica is never complete without experiencing the local culture. Interact with the ordinary Jamaicans and even better, learn a few words. Greeting Jamaicans in their dialect create a sort of understanding that is satisfying to both parties. The locals will feel respected, and you will get to learn more about the Jamaican culture.

A happy Jamaican is always helpful and accommodating. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn both culture and language.

Keep up with the weather

It is always the best thing to keep up with the Jamaican weather. In the majority of cases, the weather is hot and humid. Bring light clothing and always keep hydrated to avoid problems. Have fun, but most importantly, stay safe and healthy.

Avoid the Inner Cities

As much as you would like to experience the real Jamaican lifestyle, avoid certain places such as the inner cities of Kingston. The crime rate in some areas in Jamaica is above average, and it is always best to keep safe. The adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies in this case.

Information regarding the safety of various places in the Caribbean island is readily available. Make use of it.

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