Social Media Marketing Vs. Outdoor Advertisements in Dubai

Proper application of social media marketing currently offers the best solutions for low-budget business owners. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among the most popular social media sites out there, perhaps because they all offer free memberships to their users. Yet, social media marketing goes beyond sharing posts on these platforms, it also requires ‘personal branding’.

Personal branding provides you with the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the users, as well as with the opportunity to have the sort of exposure that could help you earn other people’s trust. For instance, we have all heard those ‘scam’ stories, which have led us to doubt the validity of a lot of information we find online. Yet, personal branding, would give you the opportunity to create a network like no other, regardless of the product you may promote. Here’s what you need to do:

Design a professional blog.

There are many affordable courses offered to help you with it. Some of them range between $ 4 to $ 600, as they will also teach you how to utilize the blog to build your brand.

Due to its affordability, online social media businesses have become the preferred choice for young entrepreneurs, as it costs less than $ 1,000 to build your own business empire and from the comfort of your home.

Therefore, if always had the entrepreneurial instinct, we invite you to take a chance and try this approach, it is quick and simple and can make all your dreams come true.

Outdoor Advertising in Dubai.

Even though Dubai’s economy was considered to be mostly supported by the oil industry, today it only accounts for less than 5% of the gross domestic product. In fact, it has shifted the focus of its economy to the tourism industry, by building numerous luxurious hotels and real estate.

In addition, Dubai is also considered to be the top business gateway for Middle East and Africa and has been home to many small and mid-sized businesses for the past century. Regardless of its amazingly quick development, the advertising industry has not been invested on as much, and therefore, it lacks the outdoor advertisement that may boost the country’s economy even more.

  Attracting consumers is all about showing them how valuable a product might be to them. It requires conducting research on the product and to figuring out the target audience, as well as the target market, which will help you decide which outdoor advertising would be most suitable to you.  Successful outdoor advertisements target their audience by placing the ads on strategic locations (e.g. on a particular neighborhood), as this ensures they serve their purpose.

There are 4 Ps in marketing – Production, pricing, placing and promoting. Outdoor advertisement falls into the promoting category, which aims to create awareness of the product to attract potential customers. Therefore, selecting the appropriate media channel plays a very important part in reaching big audiences. We believe that Dubai would be the perfect place for outdoor advertisements because of its multicultural population.

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Andrea is a sales and marketing professional, she has worked with well-known multinational companies across the world. Andrea is currently employed in a DMCC business setup & consultancy company named UAE Consultants.


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