Daring Queer Fashion On Stage

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Troye Sivan wore a brazen fringe shirt at a recent London concert. The sexy singer performed at G-A-Y nightclub in a flesh-baring, all fringe shirt that exposed his sleek torso while several feet of black fringe blew in the wind machine. Sivan’s fun fashion statement joins a pantheon of similar statements being made by gay icons and fashion-conscious men who want to express their sexuality openly. Sivan paired the brash top with skintight black leather pants, a black-and-silver belt and black boots. The South African singer belted out his top songs, including 1999, Bloom and My My My.

The Brand That Typifies Queer Fashion

Daddy Couture is a brand that markets similar clothing that identifies and celebrates queer culture. Per their website, ”Our style celebrates the kitsch, the wit and the buoyant. A spirited approach to the armor we put on our bodies. A new form of language. A sort of fashion nirvana. Unleash your inner daddy.”

The Rise of Statement Clothing

Billy Porter was both applauded and criticized for his Oscar apparel. In February, the Pose star donned a long elegant tuxedo dress. Porter had no time for haters and gave a deep reason for his fashion choice. He wanted to redefine what black masculinity could be, and he succeeded in that. Porter said it went all the way back to slavery and the emasculation of strong black men. Porter managed to look both stunning and decidedly virile in the His unique outfit certainly generated buzz and that may have been the whole point as Porter’s risky dress suit by Christian Siriano.

DADDY COUTURE’s Growing Following

DADDY COUTURE is a gay men’s fashion brand that’s built up a strong following on Instagram for its custom undies, shirts, hoodies and other apparel. The startup, based in gay-friendly New York City, sends out the positive message that anyone can be a daddy. The group’s loyal fanbase has a strong culture that has attracted 19,000 Instagram members to their page. With shirts that announce wearers as Proud Bottom and marketing campaigns aimed at “extra” appeal, DADDY seems to have successfully targeted a hard-to-pinpoint and underrepresented demographic.

Other artists and influencers are beginning to flaunt their own fashion sense with clothing choices that appeal to the LGBTQ community, and not necessarily the more mainstream masses.


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