Do Instagram Influencers Work?

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Social media has made the marketing and advertising sector to be more revolutionized and very sophisticated. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have changed this field as they have provided a ground on where advertisers are guaranteed to reach many potential clients. This is because these platforms increase the popularity of the products that are being advertised.

Instagram is among the social media platforms that have achieved constant traction in the past few years. This platform is for sharing photos, and with the revolution in photography, it has been among the best platforms for advertisements.

Using an Instagram influencer is a very notable aspect of social media marketing where a person who influences masses endorses your product as a form of advertising. Instagram influencers are Instagram personalities with a considerable number of followers who will use these numbers behind them to market and advertise products. So do Instagram influencers work in this generation? Do they bring traffic to your site or market your product? This blog post shares some insightful information on results of acquiring influencers.

How do Instagram influencers work?

Endorsement of products or sites

Here the influencers will endorse your product or website upon reaching on an agreement on payment terms. The influencers may take a photo of them enjoying your product or visiting your site. To their followers, this will make a statement that the product suits them as long as this person is using it. So they will want to ape him or her in this decision. This will notice a huge number of visitors coming to your site wanting a piece of this product. This is an indirect way that you can buy quality traffic to your site.

Positive review of your site and/or product

Another way that Instagram influencers work is by giving out positive reviews of your site. Here they will caption your website or product being offered at the site and go deep into detail as to why you should visit this site. They will make an impression to their followers that they are missing out on a specific trend if they have not checked out your site. For example, if a product is specifically targeted to adults, then influencers with higher number of adult followers will drive more traffic.

Making your website trend

The Instagram influencers will also generate traffic to your site by making the website visible on Instagram by ‘hashtagging’ it. In this manner, your website and brand will be able to feature prominently on each of their posts which are guaranteed to be viewed by their many followers. This is an indirect form in which you can buy organic web traffic as only valid followers will click the link to your website.

These are some of the many ways in which Instagram influencers work in ensuring that you have traffic to your site and also in making your brand more visible. However, they have their downs which may include the following:

· They are quite expensive to contract, and this is mostly due to their celebrity-like status and also the numbers behind them. Statistics show that the rates vary depending on an individual influencer.

· The regularity in which your site’s brand will appear on their posts is dependent on how regularly they post on their feeds. So in the case of dormancy in their posts, your brand’s visibility may stagnate.

· Some of their followers may be bought followers who are bots. So your site will only reach a limited number of Instagram users.


To make more out of this mode of marketing, you can stretch to more social media platforms or contract more Instagram influencers at once. This will make your site feature on more posts as well as getting more endorsements from these Instagram influencers. This has the ultimate result of increasing traffic to your site. This may lead to the success of your online business since the traffic may be converted to clients interested in your product.


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