Racist White Male Terrorist, Joshua Edwards, a member of the "Aryan Nation" Prison Gang As Identified with Tattoos” title=”Racist White Male Terrorist, Joshua Edwards, a member of the "Aryan Nation" Prison Gang As Identified with Tattoos

Racist White Male Terrorist Uses Spanish Fly to Drug & Rape Black Florida Woman

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New coverage global is focused on the issue of white American male terrorists.  However, one story that’s been overshadowed by the recent killing in the Netherlands,  happened in what is becoming a ‘haven’ for these brazen thugs. In Florida, a racist white male terrorist used a spanish fly [ learn what this is here ] and more to drug and rape a Black woman.

The White  American Thug Who Raped a Young Lady

The Aryan Nation gang member who committed the crime is named Joshua Edwards.  He was arrested Tuesday, March 19th, a day after committing the vial act of drugging a Black Florida woman from a Circle K gas station,  then raping her.

It’s alleged he used an Ecstasy pill and Spanish Fly to subdate the woman, who’s name is not being released.   At approximately 11 PM, while pumping gas, Edwards approached her asking for a ride somewhere. The woman, understandably uncomfortable giving the tattooed white man a lift,  declined his request. After she said no, he pulled out a gun and demanded she enter the car.

The Ride From Florida To Alabama

Once in the vehicle, the terrorist organization member, demanded the scared female, a Escambia-Florida citizen, drive for a few minutes to a private location. Once there, he switched seats to the driver’s side.   In continued commute, Edwards demanded the young woman of color to consume ecstasy, a Spanish fly, and more. Continuing his madness, the racist male drove the car for an estimated 40 minutes (see map of route) to Lilian, Alabama.  Once there, for unknown reasons, the Aryan Nation prison gang member decided to go back to Florida.  The nightmare found a new twist as the two landed in or near Bill Dixon Park & the car stopped working.    

Racist Begins Taking Advantage of Date Rape Drug

At this Florida recreational area, after nightfall, Edwards forced his Black victim to have sex at gunpoint.  He continued to violate her multiple times, until he was exhausted and satisfied with terrorizing a helpless, drugged Black female.   

Still not done, because the victim’s car was no longer operable, Joshua began hunting for another person to steal a car from.  He forced his first victim to accompany him for the crime spree.

Second Female Victim

After an unknown amount of time, Edwards and the woman he raped after drugging, came across another woman in a car.   Her name is Amanda Staples according to NewsWeek.com.   She was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car when the Aryan Nation thug approached.  He again asked for a ride, saying he and the Black woman he raped were in need of ride after their car had broken down.   Staples said she needed to go inside the closeby business first, at which point Edwards pulled his gun again.

Seemingly aware of the concept 2 women might overpower the white male criminal, he demanded the car keys. The rapist demanded Staples exit the car and stole her vehicle. The first victim  that was raped, he left her behind with the female car owner.

The two ran inside the business and reported the crime.   The woman whom Edward’s drugged and raped shocked everyone with her story.    The group stayed at the scene waiting for Florida Police.

Busted by Authorities

Both women gave their descriptions of the white male terrorist to officers.   Staples, also gave details of her stolen vehicle. This led to Joshua Edwards being tracked down in less than 24-hours.  Police subdued the Aryan Nation gang member and took him into custody.

At Escambia County Detention Center, reporters spoke to Sheriff David Morgan.    The head of police said Edwards had an extensive criminal history. Though a known member of a white terrorist organization, that targets people of color, he could not be held on longer terms of prison because of the US government’s unwillingness to classify the hate group as ‘terrorists,’ which they do to foreign radicalized gangs, with less history of terrorizing people, quickly.

Joshua Edwards is  being held now on charges of  armed carjacking, kidnapping and sexual battery.    His bail is set at 6-million-dollars now according to news site, The Grio.

Ironically, this thug’s drug of choice was a popular item in the 1970s and 80s.  Much like ‘Mollies’ today, it was idolized by musicians. Rock Stars Van Halen even wrote a 1 minute song about it that is one of the most popular titles of the music genre today.  

See a video news report about the rape below. Also listen to the Van Halen song here as well.


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